Finger guns


Conservative MP Jim Hillyer was apparently quite excited to vote in favour of eliminating the long-gun registry.


Finger guns

  1. Why is this noteworthy?

    • Because it’s disgusting, it demeans Parliament and today is December 6th.

      • And there are no more pressing issues to talk about?  I think this quite clearly falls under the “Who cares” category. 

        • Ah yes the meme, “Nothing here to see folk, move along. Here, I’ve got a sparkly bangle for you to play with my pussies.”

      • I expect it was mostly thoughtless/clueless.

        I wasn’t aware myself that December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, and while that does make the finger shooting motion particularly tacky, I would still be most likely to attribute it to ignorance, rather than malice.

        Not that that means Jim Hillyer’s constituents shouldn’t wonder about the ignorance of their MP.

  2. More of that cowboy mythology gleaned from Saturday afternoon movies.

  3. Since Mr. Hillyer sits with some other Conservative M.P.s on the Opposition side of the House he was making his silly looking double pistol action to his colleagues who get to sit on the Government side of the House.

    Nothing nefarious just very uncool.

    Also the vote took place in November so nothing offensive towards December 6th either.

    • Oh!  I was under the assumption that the video came out today.

      My mistake.

      In which case, yes, this does come down to a “You just filling out your word quota, Wherry?”

      • The video was clearly labelled Nov. 1st and Wherry made no mention of the significance of today’s date. 

        Still, the gesture would be immature on any day.

        Just saying.

  4. Wait, those were six guns he was waving. Does he know the vote was about the “long gun registry?”

  5. Seriously? This is noteworthy???

    Wow. Aaron you must be really, REALLY bored.

    • Well it is December 6th so it’s relevant.

      • Ummm…why? the vote was held on November 1st.

        • None of them are wearing poppies

          • Most of them are wearing poppies.

          • That was second reading and presumably past Nov 11

          • Look at the left lapels. The video is grainy, but the poppies are visible.

          • @OriginalSigh:disqus 

            Cons all wear lapel pins…usually the flag.

            Clip is indeed grainy.

        • Because today is the day of the Montreal Massacre. We should pause and remember what guns did to Canada’s daughters. Violence against women. Ring a bell?

          • Of course, guns NEVER kill Canadian men.

          • That’s just crass and typically pathetic. Do you Cons have no shame?

          • You are the one trying to take a meaningless gesture done in early November and link it to an insult to the victims of December 6. Take a look in the mirror before you talk about accusations of having no shame.

          • No it’s not a meaningless gesture. It was a gesture that demeans Parliament and those who have died an unnecessary death because of gun violence. Words and gestures have meaning.

            I was unaware of when the video was made.I wasn’t responsible for posting it. I was merely reacting to the events of the day.

          • I thought Mark Lepine killed those girls.  Sure, he used a gun.  Did he drive there?  Maybe Ford killed those girls.  Or Bombardier, if he took the metro.

            Was he raised in the Quebec school system?  Maybe the PQ actually killed those girls.  Was he a Capricorn?

          • Again, a Con with no shame.

          • That’s you being obtuse. Guns are lethal weapons whose only purpose is to kill, maim or threaten same.

          • Of course, violence is only deplorable when it is against women. Men and boys should just tough it out. 

          • You’re correct. We don’t discuss violence against men because men  are supposed to be men. As a man, I can say that being bullied in high school (and being expected to tough it out on my own) made a tremendous impact on my life — mostly negative (but some positive). I suppose that’s why I’m a strident anti-authoritarian.

  6. Lethbridge must be proud to have a rootin’ tootin’ six-gun wavin’ patriot representin’ them. Oh, did I say proud… I meant embarrassed.

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