Follow the money -

Follow the money

The latest fundraising totals for the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP


The third quarter fundraising totals have been released by Elections Canada—Alice Funke has the details—and the Conservatives have won their 27th consecutive quarter. The $3.4 million they raised in the third quarter of 2013 is in line with what they raised in the third quarter of 2012.

But for the second-straight quarter, the Liberals claimed more total donors. And before that happened in the last quarter, the Conservatives had not failed to win that metric even once over the last eight years.


Follow the money

  1. Jeez, at this rate it’s going to take a couple a decades to be able to afford to pay off SH.

    What’s fueling the tory donors, loyalty [that’s nice] or fear of a socialist/liberal coalition with a probable side of traitorous blockers on the side?

  2. S’OK. The need to pay hush money to one’s own problematic senators and their lawyers is a great leveler, in terms of a party’s disposable income to do stuff like fighting the other guys in elections ;)

  3. I wonder how much of that Liberal money came from foreign sources in the fascist eco movement and the “drug trade”. I guess we’ll never know.

    • Probably as much as the CPC raked in from gun smugglers, China and Big Pharma.

  4. I will say that Justin Trudeau’s efforts to legalize the drug trade are paying off in spades, fundraising wise. I’m guessing Trudeau’s getting a slice of most of the drug deals in the country now. The dealers know that he’s on their side. Glad to see Justin making good on his promises to engage people, namely the criminal element in society.

    • Gee, Dick, it seems to me that by legalizing it, he’d be putting them out of business. Or at the very least, making them pay taxes on their earnings.

      So if the drug dealers are paying off anyone, it would more likely be those who make their business possible and highly profitable… the CPC.

      • Ah yes, “putting them out of business” by legalizing their business. Brilliant! He just wants to make it legal to sell dope, he has no intention of putting anybody out of businesses. Hell, his lead fundraiser is heavily invested in selling marijuana.

    • Rick Omen fails economics. Legalizing marijuana destroys the black market in drugs. Black markets are what criminal enterprise thrives upon.

  5. The older Trudeau thought it would be a wonderful idea to reduce our country into a pidgeon-French speaking third world jurisdiction, with himself and his cronies firmly entrenched at the helm, and in a position to dictate policy, and of course, the very thought processes of all Canadians….From what I have read here, and in other news sources, the current Trudeau, the one of limited success as a skate board salesman, and likewise as a school teacher, would like to complete the job is father attempted by revisting the NEP, which in effect would be the implementation of carbon taxes and the nationalization of Alberta’s natural resources, including pipelines that transport petroleum products to refineries and from there, on to world markets. Because the newer Tudeau and his followers are much younger, they have not experienced, nor do they understand, the anguish, social devastation, and almost total destruction of the Canadian and Alberta economies at the time.

    We have reason to believe he is foolish enough to attempt another version of the NEP without any knowledge of the possible outcome for Canada and Alberta. As a born and raised Albertan I can assure the secondary Trudeau, that if he manages to get elected as PM, which would be a considerably tragic event, he would potentially be the leader of a Canada without Alberta, and probably others as well . It would be wise for the lesser Mr. Trudeau to keep in mind that Albertans are not bluffing, such as the Quebecois, about leaving confederation. Alberta will opt out, as it is not in our character to stay for the purpose of collecting goverment freebies.

    • Ah yes, that other mantra whenever Adscam fails: NEP! NEP! NEP!

      Nice mythologizing. Too bad it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny – like most urban [or in this case redneck] myths.

      • Ah yes, the Liberal mantra, deny, deny, deny. It’s funny that your first instinct is to deny that the little boy who leads the Trudeau party was blathering about imposing carbon taxes on the petroleum industry, to the petroleum club in Alberta no less. Keep denying Liberal, next comes anger. LOL!

        • Well there sure is a lot of denial, lying and blathering coming from our PM.

          • Your faith in the media narrative is precious, silly, uninformed, but still, precious.

          • The myth I’m referring to is that the NEP caused Alberta’s recession back when. Albertans didn’t like the NEP so it made it easy for the opposition and prov. govt. to blame it on that – but the evidence doesn’t bear it out. Doesn’t stop Conservatives from constantly breathing new life into the myth though.

            Petroleum industry leaders themselves have been advocating carbon tax or cap & trade for a while now; the CPC are out of sync. JT, apparently, is actually listening.

    • Arrogant aren’t we. Like to threaten eh Yep your a con!