For all your fall scrumming needs


This corner is informed, by a very optimistic publicist, that designer Andrew Buckler is opening his first Toronto store. I took one look at the enclosed “Look Book” and knew my colleagues in the Parliamentary Press Gallery had to be informed about this excellent fashion news right away. I know Alex Panetta has been looking for some long johns with orange highlights, and the Hair Antlers practically scream David Akin. Don’t thank me, gentlemen. Your fashion-forward presence in scrums will be thanks enough.

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For all your fall scrumming needs

  1. That fellow on the left looks like he has a strong media bias.

  2. “optimistic publicist, that designer Andrew Buckler”

    Buckler, as in Sandra Buckler?

  3. No relation. Sandra is strictly bespoke.

  4. The one on the right gives me major creepies – what is that between his eyebrows?

  5. Don’t laugh. In six months your kid will be dressing like this. In a year your grandad will be. Two years from now, the “look” will reach Calgary.

  6. Well, you can’t deny that too-small longjohns is a totally Canadian look.

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