For fans of data and/or irony -

For fans of data and/or irony


Tony Clement has unveiled the Harper government’s Action Plan on Open Government.

Canada’s commitment to open government is part of the federal government’s efforts to foster greater openness and accountability, to provide Canadians with more opportunities to learn about and participate in government, to drive innovation and economic opportunities for all Canadians and, at the same time, create a more cost effective, efficient and responsive government.

The 12 commitments that the Harper government is now making are detailed here.

At least since it was explained to us a year and a half ago, open data has been a source of fascination around here.


For fans of data and/or irony

  1. Ah.. I see International Aid gets a special call-out in there. I guess we know what the CPC will be attacking next

  2. These are the kind of jokes that killed Vaudeville.

  3. So .. T. Clement .. Open Government .. must mean they’re going to be
    holding House sessions in the Gazebo ! Is there room ?

    • Should be more than enough space to accommodate the number of citizens to whom they typically listen.

  4. If you can think of a bigger liar or all-around hypocrite than Toady Clement, please enlighten me with a reply

  5. Gazebo Tony.

    The auditor general released a scathing report in June 2011 accusing the Conservative government of misleading Parliament about the purpose of the $45.7-million G8 Legacy Infrastructure Fund that was divvied up between 32 projects in Ontario cottage country hand-picked by Tony Clement (the MP for Parry Sound—Muskoka), Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty and a local businessman.

    For his first act in “open government” Tony Clement needs to be videotaped by an agent of the Auditor General returning the nearly $50 million he siphoned – for his own personal benefit – to the Canadian treasury.  Film on most networks at 11.

  6. “…accountability…” haha, everybody still remebers Harper promising this on all of his platform speeches (aka barforama’s) way back when…

     If only we had a Canadian version of Bill Maher, right now.  Too funny anyone ?