For Hill gamblers


What’s the over/under on number of cigarettes smoked by John McCallum this weekend? Five-hundred? A thousand?

And what are the odds that when the snow around West Block melts in the spring, a Hazmat team is going to be required to clean up the butts?


For Hill gamblers

  1. I don’t mean to hijack another thread, but I think this will be today’s topic. ZOMG! How dare Layton and Duceppe play chess while Harper is playing chess.

    And I’d like to know why Conservatives think it’s acceptable to record another party’s meetings and make them public.

  2. Robert I am wondering exactly the same thing. Is Logan Day PI back on the Hill?

  3. Well, Robert, as PMO just sent the full transcript out to the gallery, perhaps they will explain that at the next background briefing.

  4. Do the Conservatives ever explain anything, Kady, or do they always go straight for the Jedi mind tricks. This is not the coalition government you are looking for. Move along.

  5. Probably the same way they got hold of John McCallum’s conference call with various social activist groups, to whom he released the Liberal platform before releasing it to the media. Not all Liberals are as loyal as they used to be.

  6. I’m, fed up with chess… let
    lets all go play draughts..

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