For the record


Only the Prime Minister’s right elbow was in front of a Canadian flag during Mr. Harper’s address to the nation.


For the record

  1. You’re a pathetic and petty man. Go play on the 401.

  2. Shooting for a Director of Communications spot, Aaron? How about sticking to your putative day job.

  3. How symbolic. A right elbow to the head of the nation.

  4. Only ONE flag? Stephen Harper is not a Real Canadian™.

  5. I’ve got to say, I’m shocked that the Prime Minister had the same number of Canadian flags behind him tonight as Gilles Duceppe.

    Most shocking moment of the week.


  6. If Harper was a Real Canadian™ he would have worn a Don Cherry-style blazer made from a Canadian Flag.

  7. …but the flags were waaaaaaaaayyy off to the side. (Harpers HoC remarks, after saying there were no Canadian flags.)

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