For those who love databases


David Akin is tracking every government spending announcement via Twitter.

He’s also put together a colourful graph of political types who twit.

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For those who love databases

  1. Why do so many of these twits use the 3rd person? Is someone else tweeting on their behalf or do they share the same vocal tic as Bob Dole and Denny Crane?

  2. Charts, graphs… what’s the difference, eh Aaron?

  3. The lamest has to be Andrew Coyne’s http://twitter.com/acoyne

    11 updates in 14 months – that’s less than one per month.

    Looks like he likes to finish dinner around 5:12 pm


    • Seems like Coyne tried Twitter, figured out that it was a pointless waste of time, and quite rationally forgot about it.

      • Yeah, I was being sarcastic. Others are equally lame. Ottawarosie joined, it appears, just top do a story on twitter. Fad.

        Nevertheless, he left me hanging. When does he finish lunch?

  4. Hey brother Wherry — Thanks for the pointer – and what an eye-brabber of a subject line for this post “For those who love databases” :). Next time, for maximum effect, I suggest using this one: “For those who love databases — AND BEER!!!!” It’s very effective.

    But seriously —

    For those who don’t want to get into the whole Twitter madness but might still be interested in monitoring where all of Ottawa’s spending is going – 550 and counting spending announcements since the election — can check in on this Web page every now and again – http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23ottawaspends – and you can even get an RSS feed of new content there.


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