Forgotten footnotes


From a profile of Stockwell Day, written for this magazine eight and a half years ago by John Geddes.

He owns a .38 handgun, which he bought to protest Liberal gun-control legislation.

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Forgotten footnotes

  1. Was there a story this is related to, BTW? There’s lots of good folks who own handguns, shotguns and rifles.

    • Mr. Wherry is simply rustling the bushes to flush out indignant pro- and anti-gun persons that enjoy sharing their views. Capice?

      • Looks like Aaron’s bush-rustling effort didn’t work. I for one was looking forward to hysterical hand-wringing on handgun ownership.

        • Believe it or not, there was no agenda. Perhaps you could throw it into the discussion over last week’s gun raffle, but generally I just found it interesting. Some people get mad and write letters or call radio shows or wave signs on Parliament Hill. Other people, apparently, buy guns.

          • You have to admit it’s a bit of a non-sequitur at least.

          • I promise to stay on topic from now on.

          • Was the gun waterproof?

  2. Did he register the gun? And, if so, how does this constitute a protest of the registry?

    • And if not, why hasn’t he been arrested?

  3. It would be nice if you added some context to this post, but I guess the readers will be forced to fill in the blanks.

    Obama says Americans cling to guns and religion.

    Stockwell Day is a devoutly religious guy, as we all know.

    Now we learn he owns a gun.

    Stockwell Day is therefore an American. It’s science. Accept it. Unless you’re Stockwell Day…or Gary Goodyear.

    BTW I’m fine with guns, religion, and Americans (read: Calgary)

    • good example of magical thinking .. web forums are full of such fine examples!

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