Fort McMurray or bust


The NDP has announced the details of Thomas Mulcair’s trip to Alberta. He will receive a helicopter tour of the oil sands tomorrow morning, followed by a tour of Suncor’s facilities (including the Flue Gas Desulphurization Unit, the mine complex, a virtual tour of the extraction process, an overview of the upgrading process, an overview of former Pond 1 reclamation and a discussion on tailings reduction operations). Then he will meet with the mayor of Fort McMurray and then he will depart for Edmonton for a meeting with the deputy premier. He’ll be joined by Peter Julian, Megan Leslie and Linda Duncan.

Mr. Mulcair was asked about the trip earlier this week.

The most important element for us in going out there is to talk about the sustainable development of all of our natural resources, but, of course in particular there, the oil sands. This is about the future of the economy of the country, maintaining the equilibrium, coming up with a strategy that will allow us to maintain a vital industrial sector. But of course it’s about the enforcement of federal legislation. Since the beginning we’ve made it clear that we’re very concerned that the federal government is not enforcing federal law—the Navigable Waters Act, the Fisheries Act, migratory birds, not looking at cumulative health effects, not looking at groundwater, not monitoring the water in any way shape or form. A year ago, they talked about monitoring water. Now they’re dropping it completely. Some of the people who were supposed to be on that committee haven’t even been convened to a meeting. So these are all things that the federal government is not doing. But, of course, I want to come and talk to people in Fort Mac, see more about the actual installations themselves.


Fort McMurray or bust

  1. Really! There’s no plan to monitor the water? Last I heard the oil/Conservative oligarchy that calls the shots in AB, and increasingly in Ottawa, had agreed to follow Dr Schindler’s advise/research and set up more effective monitoring of the Atha B; is Mulcair saying they haven’t followed through at all? That would be scandalous, considering how much abuse the man took for proving the industry run Ramp process was a complete sham.
    Make sure you speak to Schindler Tom/Thomas.

    • Yes this whole report is inaccurate….the announcement regarding increased monitoring was not made “last year” but in February this year and the monitoring is set to start as early as “spring this year” (around now). Somebody doesn’t have their facts straight.
      This info was reported on CTV on Feb 3/2012.

  2. “A year ago, they talked about monitoring water. Now they’re dropping it completely. Some of the people who were supposed to be on that committee haven’t even been convened to a meeting.”

    Why is that not surprising?

    Former Soviet Bloc countries were not as obsessed with secrecy and information control as the Harper Government. It muzzles scientists, withholds the release of public documents, freezes out the Budget Officer it appointed (to ensure the budget numbers are accurate,) stonewalls and propagandizes access to information requests, reflexively shuts down public debate, routinely lies to Canadians, spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars each year on propaganda.

    We won’t know what’s really going on until we get rid of this “benign dictatorship.”

    When Harper promised to bring in open, transparent and accountable government he was obviously laughing at Canadians for being so gullible.

    • I believe there is some “miscommunication”. CTV reported on February 3, 2012 (this year) that the federal and Alberta government after an 18 month study planned to increased monitoring of water around the oilsands. The increased monitoring would be in effect as early as spring this year (about now). How can Muclair say they have dropped it when they weren’t even planning to start it yet?

  3. I see the conbots are out thunbing down comments they don’t approve of today. Never known folks so allergic to facts they don’t like.

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