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Fresh eyes


Bruce Anderson tries to explain why the NDP might be surging and why that surge might be hard for some people to understand.

They’d hear him say politics has too much mud-slinging and not enough progress on things that count for average folks. They’d listen to him go on about wanting to work with other people and parties, about hiring more doctors and nurses, “rewarding job creators,” “strengthening your pension” and “making your life a little more affordable.” The language is not that of class warfare, and the goals don’t sound weirdly utopian. These voters might compare Mr. Layton’s pitch with the urgings of Stephen Harper to avoid a coalition, to cut taxes, to strengthen law and order. Or the entreaties of Michael Ignatieff to rise up in defense of our democracy. The NDP themes might well compare favourably, as far as themes go.


Fresh eyes

  1. "Or the entreaties of Michael Ignatieff to rise up in defense of our democracy. "

    Lib supporters seemed to have risen up and moved over to either NDP or Con, depending. Iggy forgot to mention that he meant for people to rise up with him, not against him.

    • While Harper thinks he can terrify people into voting for him.

  2. It's also true that people don't remember politics for very long, so anything the NDP has said or done in the past is unknown to them.

  3. So then why is Wherry posting one of their musings? Why so much attention to what they have to say?

  4. The NDP are also doing well at the expense of Cons.

  5. who would have thought I would have ever see the day where the NDP are going to run the Liberals right out of the House !!!! watching Harper and layton slice and dice the Liberals to the point where a mass movement to the NDP is not only possible BUT in effect as I type this – I can not rmemebr the last time I have had this much fun – out west here in BC the Liberlas are going to be decimated and it is now doubtful that there will be even one riding – before there was a ABC movement behind the scenes BUT Jack brillaintly torpedoed that whe he turned on Iggy at the debate the fight now is who will be in Stornaway :)

  6. about hiring more doctors and nurses

    These thousands of unemployed family doctors are where, please? The only ones currently in Canada are those trained elsewhere and unable to pass licensing exams to recognize prior trainig as adequate in order to enter further training here.

    SOME of that is undoubtedly protectionist garbage coming from the crop of Canadian doctors with the licensed monopoly to practise medicine. That could be attacked, if the PROVINCIAL (ahem…) licensing authorities wanted to do something about it. Good luck with that, Prime Minister imaginarum Layton…

  7. The NDP surge is a made up news story backed by made up polls to stop the liberal surge that was happening and to split the vote for a Harper majority. All planned by the masters. and sadly…working!

    • Alcan thanks you for your support.

  8. Here is my theory. There was a modest real increase in NDP support following the debates. Some (but not all – initially there were only two polls showing an NDP surge) post-debate polls came out with estimates of NDP support that were maybe on the high side of the margin of error, or just outside it.

    However, those polls became a self-fulfilling prophesy. People were voting Bloc and Liberal largely to stop Harper, and not because of the respective merits of either party – it was very soft support. Layton was preferred as leader to Ignatieff and Duceppe, and any ideological differences between he and the other opposition leaders has been blunted by the expectation of coalition government.

    Layton's surge – which is real – may be the result of random error in polls (though dissatisfaction with the Liberals and Bloc was real).