Friday’s meeting in doubt


Manitoba’s chiefs have issued a release to say they will not be taking part to say in tomorrow’s meeting.

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak and Southern Chiefs Organization, along with Chiefs from across Canada have just received word from the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister Office that Prime Minister Harper will not allow Governor General David Johnston to be in the meeting with the First Nations leadership of Canada.

The First Nations leadership has invited the Prime Minister of Canada and the Governor General to meet with the entire delegation of First Nations leadership from across the country at the Delta Hotel on January 11, 2013.  This invitation still stands but unfortunately the Prime Minister has declined this invitation. 

The First Nations leadership has maintained their position for the last week that both the Prime Minister and the Governor General were to be in the same room at the same time to discuss how to reset the First Nation – Crown relationship.  Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has been very dictatorial and unrelenting in his position to control and set the agenda for this meeting.  This clearly demonstrates that the Government of Canada does not have any iota of concern or respect for the rights of the Indigenous people of this country. 

Chiefs, many of them emotional, are currently addressing a meeting of the Assembly of First Nations at a hotel ballroom in downtown Ottawa, debating whether chiefs should attend tomorrow’s meeting with the Prime Minister.


Friday’s meeting in doubt

  1. Well, there’s Harper’s legacy….a ruined economy. Possibly worse.

    • A little restraint might be in order here. White folk will be circlin’ the wagons next.

      • Doing that for months. Now they have cause to worry.

      • I think we are all a little shocked by the Manitoba contingent’s comments about bringing Canada to it’s knees if they don’t get their share of resources Given that the provinces and the extracting companies negotiate those deals, I am not sure what threatening “Canada” can do for them.

    • I guess your “ta DA” was a bit premature. I am not sure how this will make Harper look bad when he has “cracked” a few times and the chiefs cannot even compromise on the venue or accept a polite invitation to visit with the GG. I see that they accepted an invitation to Mr. Mulclair’s house for tonight although apparently Ms. Spence didn’t attend.

      • Noop…..They got the GG there as they wanted….something he said he wouldn’t do.

        Harp has indeed cracked a few times.

        We’ll see how much more gritting of teeth, and cracking it will take for the right lineup.

        Nobody’s shocked HI….this has been coming for a long time….and it’s not about ‘their share of resources’.

        • Apparently you missed the news conference that the Manitoba chiefs gave.

          • I’m busy working. I follow the news online.

            And I repeat, nobody’s shocked.

          • You work? HOLY CRAP!

          • She’s a world class economist….. who works at the Macleans.ca comments boards. She gets paid in up-arrows from like-minded delusional Marxists.

        • Is it about the lineup or the venue?

  2. This situation is hilarious. As someone pointed out on another article, who are the Manitoba chiefs to dictate who represents Canada in a “nation to nation” meeting? They are control-freaky to the extreme. Harper let them decide which chiefs were coming to the meeting. He let them dictate that there would be a meeting with him and with the GG even though the portfolio belongs to Minister Duncan, and now they won’t attend because the two meetings will be separate and not all together? Keep it up guys, it is GREAT that you are showing Canadians your true nature.

    • Who are they? One of our founding nations.

      And since they signed the treaties with the crown….they expect to meet with the crown.

      Their ‘true nature’…..yes, they are human beings and they expect fair dealing

      • No, I think Natalie was right. They are control freaks.

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