From Deaniacs to Dionistas


If you have a few minutes, go back and listen to Howard Dean’s speech to the Liberal leadership convention in November 2006. It’s really, really interesting.


(scroll down for the link to the speech)

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From Deaniacs to Dionistas

  1. I can’t believe his French is better than Frank McKenna’s.

  2. I would be interested in knowing why you find it interesting.

    To me it is all quite simple. Dean – to his considerable credit – is a master of stating, argueing and, most important, doing the obvious. He is a very simple guy (that is a compliment).

    Dion is not a simple guy. He is the type who complicates the simple. In a nutshell, that is why he blows as party leader.

  3. Mostly the way he advocates that the Libs adopt the Canadian version of the 50-state strategy — something they have completely not done.

    Also the his advocacy of a “permanent campaign”.

    And his decent french.

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