From Kingsmere to Rideau -

From Kingsmere to Rideau


Arthur Milnes dares to speak publicly about the future governor general—we did decide this week that to do so is dangerous and tawdry, didn’t we?—and suggests Peter Milliken.

Who better to have in office as Governor General than a man whose public career has been all about seeking common ground among MPs? At Rideau Hall, Milliken will not have to waste time demonstrating his non-partisan credentials.

The 63-year-old Kingston lawyer has not sought the office of Governor General of Canada. It has sought him.

Meanwhile, Michael Bliss manages the neat trick of both lamenting that Michael Ignatieff was silly enough to express publicly an opinion about who should hold the position, then advocating that the position become an elected one. The solution apparently is democracy without politics.


From Kingsmere to Rideau

  1. Milliken? yah right, Harper is going to appoint a Liberal.

    • Nor someone who may think for themselves

  2. I don't believe there has been a GG from BC and I don't believe there has been a Jewish GG. I believe the GG must be bilingual and have appeal to different parts of the country.

    And while it is best to be above politics given the propensity of the current Prime Minister to run to the GG for cover it is important to have somebody who understands politics I submit:

    Norm Spector for Governor-General!

  3. Hey, how about Mark Steyn, per a letter published in Saturday's NP:

    Quoth the writer: "We really don't need yet another pseudo-intellectual nonentity appointed solely for politically correct reasons."

    You heard it here first, folks. Mark Steyn is the solution to pseudo-intellectuals.

  4. Hey, how about Mark Steyn, per a letter published in Saturday's NP:

    Quoth the writer: "We really don't need yet another pseudo-intellectual nonentity appointed solely for politically correct reasons."

    You heard it here first, folks. Mark Steyn is the solution to pseudo-intellectuals.

    • As a live virus to trigger immunization? A homepathic remedy with several generations of pseudo-dilution?

  5. Let's see. Milliken already lives high on the hog at taxpayers expense, so let's give him another five years of doing so, but with an even sweeter taxpayer-funded gig? I don't begrudge him for enjoying the perks of the job. But don't we say enough is enough at some point? Share the wealth, so to speak?

    • What the hell are you talking about? Do you really resent paying the Speaker of the House?

      Do you have any evidence he's been abusing his privileges?

      • What the "hell" are YOU talking about, dude?Did you even read my post? I specifically stated that "I don't begrudge him." sheesh, nor did I anywhere declare that he's abusing anything. Take a pill, dude, and stick to the copy of my posts! Next.

        • So then what was your point? You complain about the cost of paying a speaker, but don't begrudge him those costs, but "enough is enough" and "share the wealth.'

          So, uh, what?

          • I'll try it nice and slow for you this time. He's already had a position for many years in which he leads a very lavish lifestyle on the taxpayer's dime. Fine enough. But why now give him yet another job with even more awesome perks — on the taxpayer's dime? Hasn't he already had enough? Why reward the lavishness? He's already had his share. Comprendez? Next.

          • Ok, that clarifies it.

            Of course, these aren't lottery winnings that we should all have a shot at, they're senior national leadership roles. The best person for the job should get the job, even/especially if they've held a senior leadership role before.

            For a guy who claims not to begrudge paying people what they're worth, you have an odd view of this.

            Oh, and: "Take a pill, dude…" … "I'll try it nice and slow for you this time." … "Comprendez? Next."

            I think you're actually becoming more obnoxious as time goes by.

          • Really. Here you are berating me based on your inability to read my posts, yet I'm the one being obnoxious? Next.

            The Speaker gets all kinds of perks. A getaway mansion. A wine cellar. You name it. I'm just saying that hasn't this man already lived high on the hog enough?

            Nothing odd about it. In fact, my guess is that most Canadians would agree with you, and find your attacks as odd. I mean, do you want him to have his own private helicopter, too?

            You should learn to be more tolerant of people who may have a point other than yours. Then you won't get into trouble like this.

            If you push people, you should expect that they push back. I know that some Liberals don't like that, but thank God Canada is mostly free.

          • "Here you are berating me based on your inability to read my posts, yet I'm the one being obnoxious?"

            Followed by: "Next"


          • I'm sorry, but I wrote it because I think you deserved it.

            If people write respectfully, I respond in kind.

            Easy peasy.

          • I think your record here belies that statement.

          • Yeah, a record of daring to challenge arrogant liberals like yourself. I had an opinion, and you crapped on it. Geez. Where do some of you come from? Nobody is allowed to talk back, are they. Screw that.

  6. Milliken! After he so publicly humiliated Harper.

    No, Harper is going to appoint himself. He'll be both the GG and the PM.

    That way, he can talk to and listen to himself, and only himself.

  7. The OSGG receives funding through parliamentary appropriations for expenses incurred during the fiscal year. For 2007–08, expenses incurred totalled $19,490,199 (see Appendix A), comprising:

    1.) $9,267,698 for the constitutional, State, ceremonial and public programs
    2.) $3,016,915 for the Canadian honours program
    3.) $4,704,589 for corporate management
    4.) $2,500,997 for statutory expenditures.

    Support from other government departments (Department of Defence, RCMP et) that provided security, transportation and other services totalled an additional $20.4 million.

    What value are we getting for the $40 million (and that was back in 2007 – 2008) annually?

    • Certainly more value than the $42 million spent on wrapping buses, etc. with "Economic Action Plan" signs.

  8. Straight from Stats Can, eight thousand Americans came here versus about 25,000 Canadians leaving for America in the last year that they have statistics for, on a per capita basis that works out to about 27:1. Of course you don't read about that at Maclean's or elsewhere, I had to do my own research to get that data. You're welcome.

    Of course, historically we are a nation of emigrants; from 1850 to 1950 for every 100 immigrants who arrived in Canada, 80 left, which is why our unsustainable levels of immigration don't concern me as much as some, I doubt they'll stick around.

  9. Once again the Russian Count named Iffy has put his big foot in his mouth. I wonder how Iffy would like having his position of leader of the opposition speculated about. Let's start promoting Bob Rae for leader of the opposition while the current incumbent still has the job. Iffy has created controversy where there should be none. What a fool.

    All this public speculation will ensure that those suggested for the job will not get it. Ms. Jean has done a good job and deserves to finish her term without being used as a political football.. The choice of the next GG is the sole perogative of the PM and he will make that decision.

    • Iggy is three generations deep into Canada on one side of his family … many more on the other. But who cares? If it's a pur et dur test you are looking for in political leadership, you'll have to go native.

      As for Iggy's comments on the future GG … he stated publicly what he said to the Queen's rep. Now editorialists are saying he shouldn't have spoken publicly because of royal protocol. (You, indeed, seem to think he should have acted MORE like royalty, not less, despite your Count Iffy crack). Yet, just a few months ago, everyone and their brother was decrying the GG's viceregal secrecy during the proroguing debacle … So much for consistency.

      • I could care less bout Iggy's family history. You and he can keep trying to remind Canadians but no one is listening. The fact is he lived most of his adult life outside of Canada and really had nothing to do with Canada during that time. He came back to Canada because the good old boys of the Liberal party foolishly convinced him that he could become PM without breaking a sweat. Those are the facts. Russian or no Russian heritage he is a nominal Canadian.

        Harper asked him in confidence and he should have kept that confidence. Harper now knows he was right. Give the Libs the detainee documents and Iffy or his henchmen will blab those contents from sea to sea if they think they can get a political advantage.

        I and most ordinary Canadians did not care how the GG arrived at her decision. The bottom line is she made the right decision that was in the best interest of the country. Do you honestly believe that 3 parties, including the Bloc, would make a functional government? They can't agree on what time of day it is let alone what legislation to propose for "all" of Canada.

  10. hollinm continued…..

    There is no inconsistency the PM appoints the GG and whether the Libs and the rest of the leftie crowd likes it he will make that decision. The princesses on the left and the media will just have to accept it. There is no one who is going to open the constitution to make a change and you know it. So keep supporting the political neophyte who pretends he runs the Liberal party. He will lose the next election and head back to Harvard and the United States because he considers himself an American. He has little interest in staying in Canada.

    • Hey buddy, have another sip!

    • Wow.. your crystal ball reads minds too?

  11. Milliken! After he so publicly humiliated Harper.

    No, Harper is going to appoint himself. He'll be both the GG and the PM.

    That way, he can talk to and listen to himself, and only himself.

    • Apart from the "humiliatied Harper" bit, that was actually a funny post! lol

    • And then he'll make himself King and bring back beheadings.

      So stay anonymous and keep your head..

    • Sounds like a good idea. I will propose that to my member of parliament (sarcasm intended).

  12. I would submit that most of the commenters are out of touch with Harper's strategies wrt this appointment. Harper has leveraged his monetary advantage into a relatively stable minority situation. i.e. provided he does not provoke the electorate he can periodically flood the airwaves with vague "not a leader", "just visiting" campaigns to keep the Liberals off base.

    One of his challenges with a minority government is that periodically the GG's position becomes crucial to his plans. I don't think it is a stretch that Jean has cramped Harper's style over the past 3 years. Harper's ideal GG is neither a Milliken nor a Manning, two M's that value the politicial process. Harper would rather have someone who views the democratic process as a necessary hurdle to be overcome. The best example that I can come up with for a candidate of that style would be former Ontario premier Mike Harris. I do hope I am wrong.

    • I love it when Lefties go on about Mike Harris. Half of Ontario wasn't alive or didn't live in Canada when he was in power back in 1792 or whenever, they have no idea who you are talking about, you might as well be going on about the Fenians.

      The suggestion that Harper wants a stooge who is hostile to democracy as GG and that said stooge is Harris is not exactly brilliant analysis.

      • "Michael Deane "Mike" Harris (born January 23, 1945) was the 22nd Premier of Ontario from June 26, 1995 to April 15, 2002. " took 6 seconds Dilaloo.

    • If Mike Harris were appointed GG, do you think there would be a voter backlash in Ontario?
      The fear of Ontario luggage always worked against Bob Rae when running for the Liberal leadership; I have to think Mike Harris also carries Ontario luggage

  13. Don't be coy, Mr. Wherry, you know that the Speaker is among the last people with a shot at the gig.

    Michael Bliss has the gravitas of a hundred text a day sending Hello Kitty wearing teenybopper. "Like, we don't appoint hockey referees? So, like, let's elect the GG?" But he nearly has a point, we should elect our head of state, and it should be more than a ceremonial figure; change "GG" to "President", lose the ties to the failed country across the Atlantic, let's get a proper republic with a proper constitution and we're good to go.

    • Y'want all that? Just move south.

      • That was the line a Liberal MP used during a candidate's debate in a riding, Renfrew Nipissing, that had been Liberal since 1968. He was talking to a Second World War veteran who was concerned about the Liberals' firearm policies. The punk Liberal told him if he didn't like it to move to the states (this was back when the Liberals were in power and at least had an earned arrogance). The riding has been Conservative ever since.

        Canada-US immigration is twenty seven times higher than US-Canada immigration, and it's largely our best talent that goes south; if Canada were remotely as good a country as America that wouldn't be the case. Instead of urging your productive citizens to move south, maybe you should listen to us when we tell you this country needs fixing.

        • You may want to look at those stats again.. Try some from this century.

      • That is exactly the Liberal arrogence that Canadians hate. You're party does not define Canadian values, and judging by recent election results, it isn't even in touch with Canadian values.

  14. Most people don't write multiple books about random distant Russian ancestory !

    You can tell being a czar is an integral part of his life.

    He's also a dog person. GROMBLES.

  15. For all of your whining the opposition has control of the House. If he is so bad vote non confidence. You can't because the ordinary Canadian believes Harper is the best on offer. Get a real leader and maybe things will be better for you. Iffy screwed up again today with saying he will open his appointment book er on second thought no. This guy is a loser and no matter how often you attack Harper it is falling on deaf ears. At 14% popularlity he is lucky if the Libs don't get wiped out in the next election.