From the backbenches -

From the backbenches


Yesterday’s Senate appointments prompt anonymous complaint.

One of Mr. Harper’s MPs suggested that the Prime Minister is no longer trying to kill the Liberal Party but has instead decided to become the Liberal Party. The MP said this was an abuse of his trust and support.

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From the backbenches

  1. Convergence is a necessity, and to be expected. 

  2. “I’m so hopping mad over this abuse that I’m going to comment anonymously to Jane Taber, harumph!”
    golf clap for accountable and responsible government

  3. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve read of Harper’s senate proposal, it would work exactly like what we saw yesterday :  there would be senatorial elections to choose candidates whose names would be put on a list, BUT, the PM would retain his power to appoint whoever he wants.  A bit like the fixed elections date law, where the PM can still request dissolutioin of Parliament whenever he wishes. 

  4. Folks, this is the Elected Senate in action; Manning, Smith and Verner got the most votes of any candidate for Senate in their Province… what’s that? did someone forget to print the list of candidates for Senate? I know I signed off on that news release at some point…. hmm where did that go…

  5. Offtopic, but I’m stunned by how badly Maclean’s has screwed the pooch on their comment sections.  What a debacle.

    • I agree – happy to hear the web guys are living by the mantra “if it ain’t broke, try and fix it!”

      • Yup.  It’s a textbook example of an IT foul-up: the wrong decision, for the wrong reasons, with zero user consultation,  incompetent planning and piss-poor execution.  

        Comments older than a few weeks haven’t been imported and have quite possibly been deleted, the “most recent blog posts/comments” box on the main page is broken, and the comment sections are no longer on the same page as the article or blog post, which kills page views and inconveniences users.

        The “new features” are cumbersome and mostly useless.  If I want to check out someone’s comment history I don’t want to be distracted by a long list of comments that they “liked”.  This ain’t Twitter, and “likes” aren’t the same thing as “retweets”.

        Commenters are fleeing this site in droves, and who can blame them?

      • That’s the mantra of web guys everywhere. (e.g., eBay) 

    • You are preaching to the choir.  I hope that Maclean’s bloggers are relaying our negative impressions to the person in charge of this mess. I can’t find the comment thread about comment threads anymore. The search engine Macleans employs sucks (Yahoo), and for some reason the comment pages aren’t being compiled by Google anymore. That makes finding old threads of interest impossible.

      Oooh! Another complaint: I don’t get e-mail notices when people respond to my comments. That was a nice feature.

  6. Trying? I thought the transition happened a couple of years ago.