From the backroom to centerstage


After consulting with the Twitter hive mind, it seems the most comparable precedent for what Brian Topp would be trying to do is Brian Mulroney. Mr. Mulroney worked within the Progressive Conservative party before becoming leader. He, though, only won the leadership on his second try and that, along with his public profile in general, makes the comparison to Mr. Topp imperfect.

A few other names to include in this discussion: Stephen Harper, John Tory, Ed Miliband and David Cameron.

Messrs Harper, Miliband and Cameron were party strategists, but each won election as an MP before seeking their respective party leaderships. Mr. Tory was a strategist for the Progressive Conservative before he was elected leader of the Ontario PCs, but there was an unsuccessful run for mayor in Toronto in between.


From the backroom to centerstage

  1. In Canada don’t we write “centrestage”?

  2. If you include provincial politicians, Danny Williams could also be somewhat relevant. While not an official party strategist, he was a long-time PC backroom wheeler-dealer type before gained the leadership of the party. It was only after he became the leader that he was elected as an MHA.

    But if he’s going to be included in the discussion, maybe don’t tell him. I don’t think he’d be overly pleased to be lumped together with Harper in a discussion about the leadership of the NDP.

  3. Stephen Ledrew went from president of the Liberal party to candidate for Toronto mayor.

    Topp hasn’t won yet, after all.

  4. Hugh Segal, anyone..

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