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In the current print edition there are a couple thousands words on four of the youngest NDP MPs: Matthew Dube, Charmaine Borg, Mylene Freeman and Lauren Liu. (The video above seems to have been recorded by a CBC interviewer the day after Ms. Borg was elected.)

At one point in the process I had a bracketed note that I ended up deleting which ventured that it was nice to hear more laughter (easy and at no one else’s expense) on the Hill because this place could use more joy. That’s maybe a bit too earnest for print, but I’d probably stand by the general idea if asked now.

Here, for the sake of comparison, is how a reporter from the McGill Daily saw it when he came to visit.


From the magazine

  1. “I was so happy to become an MP.  This has been my lifelong dream since I was twelve…”

    Which was only eight years ago! ;-)

  2. In 1965  a cautious Quebec sent the 3 Wise Men to Ottawa, Trudeau, Marchand, and Pelletier, all in their mid-forties with a wealth of world experience.

    In 2011 a confused Quebec ( the Bloc protest vote had run it`s course so who else will protest for us )  sent 4 students to Ottawa. The oldest is 22.  As Borg so eloquently states above they just want to represent the youth, and women, and the constituents, and oppose that damn Harper, and this was a lifelong dream of her`s to become an MP, at least since she was 12.

    I suppose you could rationalize this situation by saying it`s great to have the youth perspective and it`s nice to hear laughter on the Hill, though there`s always the Comedy Channel. I rationalize the situation by saying it`s great to get rid of the Bloc—thanks Quebec.

  3. 1. Layton wasn’t the only one who imagined the breakthrough. Gilles Duceppe noticed it happening, and spent at least the second half of the campaign, including both debates, attacking Layton.

    2. How is winning “without firing a shot” as Charmaine Borg is “accused” of doing any different from running as a Conservative in most of Alberta? Running for the Bloc in much of Quebec previously?

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