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From the magazine


Here are 1,200 words on Adam Goldenberg and the kids in Michael Ignatieff’s office.


From the magazine

  1. “He wore bow ties in university.”

    A fine lead. And a fine new entry on my burgeoning list of reasons I loathe Ignatieff & Co.

    • Please, share the rest of the list.

      We’re all dying to hear more.

      JC’s Reasons to Loathe Ignatieff & Co.

      1. Member of his staff wore bow ties in university.

      BTW, hasn’t ex-Harper war roomer Ezra Levant been known to wear a bow tie every now and again? It’s actually something that makes me loathe Ezra a little less. But only a little.

  2. ahh, another informed voter heard from.

  3. Perhaps these kids should go back to university, get a degree in something real, along the lines of law, medicine or an MBA then head off to work at Parliament.