From the magazine: special Halloween edition


This corner is in receipt of Mr. Paul Martin Jr.’s autobiography, Hell or High Water. Longtime readers will perhaps not be entirely surprised by the review.


From the magazine: special Halloween edition

  1. After reading the review, all I can say is, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel! ;)

    Your analogy of leaders as horror monsters is interesting. My one question would be, which one is Kim Campbell? In a horror story, I would probably cast her as the girl who volunteers to check the basement all alone.

  2. You even managed to find a werewolf that looks a little bit like Martin. I’m impressed with your researching skills.

  3. Reading you beat up Paul Martin never gets old. Love it!

  4. The monster analogy is interesting but the voice I hear in the quoted passages is of a faded former movie actress, still holding out hope that the Talkies will fail and she will once again be adored by her legions of fans.

  5. So funny! And so true.

    You could see the hairs crawling out of his ears and his shirtsleeves as dumped the liberal party in Stephane Dion’s lap. These days, he roams naked in the Rainforest to escape the heat of politician’s clothes and the villagers can hear his cries: “Kelowna” “Childcare” “G-20”.

  6. A very, very, very, very good review!

  7. I can’t wait for Jim Flaherty’s Memoirs. A combination of grandiose Napoleonic vision and Bozo the Clown pretty much characterizes his style.

    Certainly the ability to change his mind, flip-flop and with a straight face tell you he never did it, or better yet, “Its not my fault.”

  8. That seems less a review than a chance for you to beat a very dead horse. A lot like the garbage Steyn used to do.

    Thumbs down.

  9. TobyornotToby: If that’s the case, then who is playing the role of the former lover sending forged fan letters?

  10. Good review Paul Wells. I went to see Paul Martin at his Toronto book launch. It was embarrassing. He’s not very good at setting up a sentence – “The things is…okay you gotta understand…it’s not about…it’s about…we need to…” I wish that was an exageration, but it is not.

    He also takes way too much credit for same sex marraige. It was already in practice in 8 out of 10 provinces.

    I don’t even feel like reading the book.

  11. DR, the “dead horse” just wrote a new book, so he gets a brand shiny new review? Got it?

  12. DR, I agree with RR; PW’s review of the book by PM, PM is entirley in keeping with Hallowe’en – the book is DOA.

  13. Every time I allow myself to forget what a scatter-brained, pompous, fatuous wind-bag Paul Martin was, I am jolted back to reality.

  14. But he wanted to be a vampire though (scroll through; or here). Doesn’t that count for something? Anything? No? Ok.

  15. The review is probably more enlightening than the book itself. Thanks for saving me from reading it.

  16. He reminds me of Julie Couillard.

  17. How did he achieve the virtual universal adulation from the media during the ‘coup against Chretien’ period?

    Remember those headlines in the Post and Globe.

    I’ll never forget Rex Murphy’s suck up interview live on CBC radio when Chretien lowered the boom.

    Good to see that Kinsella is no longer alone out there in the wilderness, although I don’t think Wells has come over to a revisionist view of Chretien as a PM and a man.

  18. Hey Paul, I noticed you left out Mulroney. What kind of monster is he?

  19. Vampire.

  20. This is almost more fun than Ferguson’s ‘Bastards and Boneheads’…

  21. Good article. You captured Martin very well.

    Unfortunately, nothing about the two Martin elections. Maybe another article? I can remember Martin claiming the world would go to hell in a handbasket if he were not re-elected.

  22. comment by Jack Mitchell

    “He reminds me of Julie Couillard.”

    Like, in which way Jack?

  23. NB: Well, werewolf-wise, for starters. The predatory instinct. The babyfaced denouements post-flameout. The apologia pro vita sua. The extreme narcissism. The love-hate relationship with tall father figures. The tits. The giddy flirtation with menacing underworld kingpins. How’s that for a start? I’ll grant you that Ms. Couillard is not a dweeb.

  24. Whew …… I hear you on the tits … thought it was only me! :-)

  25. I have no idea how anyone ever thought Paul Martin might possibly have scored a 300 seat majority.

    Where did all that Paul Martin rah-rah-siss-boom-bah ever come from?

  26. Good insight. I was impressed with the point about his willingness to throw the rules out the window. Looks like a nice guy but then plays Australian Rules football when it suits him, even as he decries it. McCain is like that now, so what is Obama…Vampire? Or something else……

    I think the picture that captures Martin turning into a werewolf is the one where he is driving the horse cart with the broken wheel….

  27. From Wells artcle….

    “In Danse Macabre, his 1981 book about the horror genre in pop culture, Stephen King wrote that all monsters can be divided into three archetypes. There’s the Vampire, which we read about in Bram Stoker’s Dracula; the Creature Without a Name, which starred in Frankenstein; and the Werewolf, who appeared, in only slightly modified form, in Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde.

    The Vampire is in control. He is ancient, implacable, smarter and stronger than you. The Creature Without a Name is an abomination, lost or misunderstood or simply put together wrong, doomed from the outset. The Werewolf is a good man who loses control. He is pure in heart and says his prayers by night. But sometimes things get a little hairy. There are blackouts. After he revives he can’t recall or believe the things he did when he wasn’t himself.

    As it happens, King’s archetypes are handy for decoding the personalities of political leaders”

    Wells, how do you come up with these type of metaphors?

    What a brilliant intro, great writting sir…..

  28. Sorry for not saying so earlier, Paul. I too liked the article. For all his warts, I did like PM the Finance Minister. It’s a shame things turned out the way they did.

    As far as who is to be blamed for how the sponsorship thing played out for the Liberal Party, I imagine the truth of the matter lies somewhere between Chretien’s and Martin’s version of events. I can’t imagine Chretien was really going to take one for the team.

  29. Just finished reading your Martin article, Paul. Thought it was great and it made me think about how Martin and Dion were similar in the way they don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and prefer to live in their own little fantasy worlds.

    I wonder if the Libs will stop electing the most craven candidate as leader or is it in their dna now? I think Iggy is more clearheaded than Rae but we will see how thing shake out in a few months.

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