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This week’s column. Humour… timeliness… and a bonus glaring factual error! Andrew Steele was the first to email me pointing it out. Can you find it?

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From the magazine

  1. “Now he has become the first national Conservative leader since Sir John A. Macdonald to defeat two different Liberal opponents. Can nobody stop him?”

    I do believe Dief beat multiple Liberal opponents. It sounded convincing, though.

  2. Dief beat both St-Laurent and Pearson…

  3. But Diefenbaker was a Rogue Tory…

  4. Ben Hicks is right!
    Kmcdaniel is right!

    I’m not!

    Thank you, thank you.

  5. Never fear, you can reuse that nugget in a year or so when Harper is 3-0.

  6. Isn’t this what editors are for?

  7. DR, any writer who blames the production chain for his own mistakes is a lousy chump. I screwed up.

  8. If it’s any consolation, it’s tough to remember the Chief as a winner.

  9. The editorial work is probably e-outsourced to some third world country where Canadian political knowledge is lacking.

    But Paul Wells is probably just a sophisticated aggregating/article writing program, anyway. :)

  10. I have a feeling Stephen Harper will be prime minister for a very long long time. I have an even stronger feeling that Lawrence Cannon will not be wishing us Happy Holidays in 2009 as Foreign Affairs minister.

  11. Does St. Laurent really count? He’d been PM for, like, 8 1/2 years by the time Dief showed up. Harper beat two fresh Liberals; Dief was just riding the tide of history.

  12. But was Paul Martin really fresh? Really?

    In other news, I brought this on myself, but the price I pay for coming clean on the Diefenbaker thing is that nobody’s reading the actual column.

  13. No no, it’s a great column, genuinely funny, it’s just so sad and so true and so rueful that there’s really not much to say except “Have mercy, Lord.”

    Speaking of unfresh meat, could this race get much more depressing? The white race, I mean. If Rae wins, Harper pummels him as the one guy who, all agree, isn’t the man to run a recession economy; if Iggy wins, either Harper beats him or the gods curse us; if . . . well, the third guy isn’t going to win.

    I think it’s time to start a new party in this country.

  14. Harper is the first. Macdonald was a Liberal-Conservative and Dief was Progressive Conservative.

    The John A. part is debatable because both Conservatives and Liberal-Conservatives sat together with John A. under an umbrella often referred to as Conservative. As for Diefenbaker, there was, and still is, a big difference between Conservative and a Progressive Conservative.

  15. zamprelli, yeah, a big difference in that today’s Conservatives are actually Progressive Conservatives (i.e. populists) whereas the old-school Progressive Conservatives were actually Conservatives with a bit of populist window-trimming, before and after Dief.

  16. “I have a feeling Stephen Harper will be prime minister for a very long long time. ”

    I don’t know how sure I’d be about that. He really needed that majority for the next four years. Without that, he’s really going to have to play some Vulcan hyperchess while the opposition are playing ball-in-a-cup to avoid an inopportune election. And proposing a budget with a -1 followed by 10 zeroes as the bottom line may be opportune.

  17. Poor Style. No irony, no sense of humour . . .

  18. Style’s real problem is that he’s been posting for months under two different logins. I deleted everything he’s posted today, under both names, to encourage him to be a little less of a consummate twit. Next step : IP ban.

  19. I just got the magazine today (hooray for major urban centres!) and when I got to the column, I winced, cringed, keened and curled into a fetal position, so true and depressing it was. Is it too late for a random Liberal to put his name forward? Can there be a leadership vote by acclamation? If enough people put someone on as a write-in candidate, what happens?

  20. Anybody got $90 000 lying around?

  21. Over chez Coyne Lord Kitchener raised the idea of a Martin comeback. Normally that would strike me as pure insanity, but suddenly I’m thinking it could conceivably work . . . “Martin: crisper than Iggy, wetter than Rae.” How’s that for a slogan? But of course it’s all about Mr. Prosperity riding in on a white horse to save the day. That’s quite marketable, I think. In about a year the country’s going to be feeling awfully nostalgic for 2004.

  22. Jack, I’m not sure these guys are too populist, unless populism means pandering to the lowest-common-denominator-gut-reaction while demonstrating disdain for actual knowledge (i.e. youth crime, safe injection sites, arts cuts). In my world, populism means a government and an engaged public working together on good policy, not ignorance feeding ignorance. Harper’s bunch is conservative, pur et simple.

  23. Anybody got $90 000 dollars lying around?
    Oh, right. Forgot about that one. Is it.. naive of me that I am unwilling to accept that these are my options?
    I may well stay home next election.

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