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My column. The tone may surprise some who know I’ve long thought highly of Stéphane Dion. Simply put, it’s getting harder to think highly of him. And the last thing Liberals need now is soothing words.

If Dion were retiring it would be easy to write encouraging words about accomplishments that are now, in the main, about a decade old. If he had decided to stay and fight and had said so on the morning of Oct. 15, it would have been easy to defend his right to try. Instead he is staying around only long enough to assign himself two vital jobs for which he has a miserable track record and no demonstrable skill. I thought I might as well say so.

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From this week’s magazine

  1. You really should stop pulling your punches, Paul.

  2. You have thought highly of Dion? I must not have followed your blog close enough, because this comes as a surprise to me. I thought when you poked fun at Dion’s commitment to the environment last year and often repeated tired slogans (about professors, you think its easy, dog naming, etc) that you enjoyed recycling Harper’s attack ads on Dion. I guess I missed the double-layered sarcasm.

  3. That was a bit of a kick in the pants to Liberals out there.
    Necessary, tho’.

  4. When I left the Montreal Gazette in 1998 I had already written so frequently about Dion that my going-away card from my newsroom colleagues was a Photoshopped fake picture of Dion hugging me goodbye. Here’s a more recent example, mixed but obviously complimentary:

  5. I was supporting a different party in 2006, when that column was written and perhaps not paying much attention to writings about Dion then.

    Yes, Colin, obviously I have “failed” at reading everything Paul Wells has written. I hadn’t realized I was joining a cult by posting here.

  6. You’re not, Catherine. That’s why I was trying to help you by providing a little background. As for Colin, he was just being a jerk, which is why his is one of two comments, from two different jerks, that I’ve just deleted.

    We’re enforcing civility around here, folks, since some of you can’t restrain yourselves. And I have no intention of being polite about it.

  7. whoops, I just responded to an imaginary message that existed in one of those six curled up dimensions. Anyway, thanks for the 2006 link, Wells.

  8. We’re done here.