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Full disclosure


Michael Ignatieff, asked by a reporter after QP today to comment on recent concerns about airport security.

If you’re in my business, you live in an airport.  And so I have people touching my private parts all day long.


Full disclosure

  1. Another benefit of being PM – private dicks.

  2. May I suggest an alternate title for this post:

    Too much information. Like, way too much.

  3. Wankers to the right of me, wankers to the left of me…

  4. Full dis-clothes-ure

  5. It is true though, the airport security has gotten completely crazy.

    On a recent trip to San Fran. I went through one of the full body scanners in Ottawa (after having to take off my shirt, belt and shoes). Hadn't gone outside of the security zone, and once I arrived in Montreal from my departing flight, it was the same system all over again. Belt off, shoes off, and back into the full body scanner.

    It is getting nuts

  6. Hiyo!

  7. Harper made light of This Hour Has 22 Minute's comedienne Geri Hall being detained by the RCMP while trying to conduct a spoof interview (saying on camera afterwards something to the effect of, "I hear you like you like handcuffs?"). It was a rare moment of good humour by the PM.

    Iggy's comment should, in all fairness, be seen in the same light.

  8. "And so I have people touching my private parts all day long."

    hahahahahahahahaha – I love that answer.

    We could play guessing game – who's s touching Iggy's private parts all day long?

  9. Here I am, sticky in the middle with you.

  10. If you're in my business, you live in an airport. And so I have people touching my private parts all day long.

    There was a Republican in the States who had to resign because of that…

  11. Sigh.

  12. Well, now we have definitive proof that politics is the second oldest profession, and bears a striking resemblance to the first.

  13. Frickin work. I could have been the one making these jokes an hour ago!

  14. Darn! I can only afford semi-private coverage.

  15. I know.

  16. Sweet Jesus, he was serious.

    The rest of the quote is “That's what we have to do to keep us safe," Mr. Ignatieff said. “… I have long ceased worrying about these issues. We have to keep this country safe and the people I feel strongly in support of are the hard-working security scanners. It's not a great job. It's tough. You're wearing rubber gloves all day long."

    I am NEVER voting for this idiot or his party.

  17. Darning is a dieing skill – machine knitted socks may help improve coverage.

  18. Iggy has really put his size 10 shoe in his size 8 mouth this time :) – then again it is no surprise he doesn't care who touches his private parts as he handed over what little cojonas he had to begin with a long time ago to harper – remember Your Time Is Up !!!

  19. Warren Kinsella, who has a somewhat frosty relationship with the current Liberal leader, sees this as more evidence that Ignatieff is in a "downward spiral": http://warrenkinsella.com

    Lighten up, Warren! It's just a joke.

  20. "And so I have people touching my private parts all day long."

    Someone needs to kick you in the privates all day long you tool!

  21. I know that this is slightly off topic (but related), but I've been wondering about those rubber gloves. Watching the news footage, I haven't seen any of the security people change their gloves. Does this mean they are going to grope my crotch with the same gloves they used to grope a hundred other crotches before me? Yuck.

  22. Pretty moronic post even by your standards.

  23. No, he was serious…and stupid

  24. Is that the whole quote? That's the best point in their favour he could come up with – they have to wear rubber gloves all day?Ignatieff should just give up even trying to identify with the coomon man. It's not who he is and he winds up looking foolish almost every time he attempts it.

  25. Wearing them protects the workers, but not changing them is a real germ spreader. I wonder what they do to you if you request clean gloves?

  26. I think you took a wrong turn – SDA is that way ->

  27. That's what I was wondering. Obviously the gloves are not meant to protect the passengers, but I could picture myself in line at the airport wondering when the people in line ahead of me last washed the clothes they are wearing.

  28. Ah yes, the left wingnuts and their acceptance of free speech again!
    Blow me!

  29. It would have been far funnier if he was referring to his laptop and his keys, and it was just a hilarious slip of the tongue…

    But it turns out he was actually talking about his actual private parts…!!! I agree with those who see this as more sad (Is this the sort of language politicians should ever be using?) than funny. I just wish that he would of used "hipper" slang: man-aconda? banana-mal? Mr. Dangles? Ba-habada-habadas? The Super Soaker….okay that one was too far?

  30. How's life in the glass house Emily?


    Said Emily, the pot, regarding the Kettle.


    Takes one to know one!

  31. I guess we should take a large bottle of Purell to wash down with after – oh wait, we're not allowed to.

  32. Stupid is as Stupid does !!! and this quite simply has to be the single most stupid thing I have ever heard a poltician say – even Sarah Palin wouldn't have said such a thing – oh well just more gris for the mill as it were – it must really suck to be a Liberal and read this hahahahah !

  33. Oh…. I dunno

    Mr. Speaker, since being elected to the House some two years ago and a bit, I will take no lessons from the member for Ajax—Pickering when it comes to presenting issues to Parliament that are not based on any factual evidence. I will take no lessons from that member.

    Phil McColeman

  34. Harper was joking and having fun on a comedy skit and you compare this to a serious question and the worst part is that Iggy wasn't joking ~!!! – harper haters are a weird lot and no doubt a big part of why he will be sitting in the PM's chair for quite some time :)

  35. sorry not even close !! in fact makes no sense whatsover – Iggy has just handed the media pundits and comics a line that writes itself – just watch this one as it is perfectly stupid

  36. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

  37. Junk envy.

  38. So the Conservatives will be standing up for passenger rights and putting an end to this nonsense? Great news!!!

  39. Ahhh I didn't realize you were a guy.

  40. I don't know. Seems about as moronic as the others.

  41. I merely pointed out a venue where you might feel more comfortable.

    Ah yes free speech…but sometimes it's just a case of pearls before swine.

  42. Pitter, patter. Let's get at 'er.

  43. Or perhaps just confused.

  44. Oh and wasn't that Palin throwing her full support behind North Korea on some Beck radio show?

  45. I haven't the faintest idea what that means. It seems to have no connection to anything.

  46. yikes, commenters are freakin out about this on the G&M…

    I do not get it… If I understand his comment – he is saying that he gets patted down often – it is part of normal security procedures these days, and a price that has to be paid for our collective security.

    And, another valid point – from the security people's perspective, it is probably pretty gross ….

    I agree – am I missing something?

  47. YOu'd rather vote for the party that gutted the census?

  48. It was the hyperbole of "all day long" that sends the response into the realm of ill-considered remarks. By conjuring up that image, he quickly distracted listeners and blog commenters from the actual meaning. Now, if he had said "far too frequently" or "numerous times every week" he would have got a lot less attention. But apparently Mr. Ignatieff has no gift for hearing himself before he speaks, a true handicap in his line of work.

    He might also have avoided use of the expression "private parts" and just said "patted down" or something less graphic, if he had the foresight to see what could be made of his words.

  49. No Mr Logic – it's the fact that communication involves intonation, context, nuance, verbal and facial cues, body language – not possible in transcripts. Watch the video here and tell me he wasn't joking.

  50. Thanks for the link. Clearly he was joking, but he still should have anticipated (rather than realized retrospectively, as apparently he did) what effect his choice of words would have in a context-free quotation.

  51. very true, the video does give a dramatically different impression.

    I also question the "piling on" that is taking place on the G&M comment board for this story. Seems somehow coordinated.

  52. I thibk we should spend at least as much time on Minister's Strahl's remarks today. He says the solution is to provide walls, behind which the groping can take place. I think I'd rather keep it out in the open where the video camera threat will hopefully keep the abuses at a minimum. He also maintains that the scannes, unlike the U.S. ones aren't harmful because the 'radiation' bounces off our bodies.
    I would like a little more scientific explanation of this.

  53. It was a spontaneous informal scrum!

  54. No, just people of like mind.

    That is…the majority.

  55. Ya, I gotta agree with you Bill. The apparent 'firestorm' of outraged folks submitting anti-Ignatieff comments over his response to the question at hand smells more of lame astro-turfing.
    There's no doubt if you have to fly often, you get pretty hohum about the hoops you jump through at the airport. The people who have to do the job of checking passengers don't get to choose how that job gets done. They're told specifically whats required and they do it or lose their jobs.
    Ignatieffs comments are not going to make me run down the street shouting OMG I can never vote for this guy or the liberals ever again! Ridiculous the pile on that seems to be happening.

  56. Well see, if you're wearing the Harry Potter invisibility cloak….

  57. It's what he does for a living.

  58. And if I was his handler, I'd advise him to do this more – be spontaneous, not scripted. Let the cards fall where they may. He's no dummy. A sense of humour can be attractive.

  59. This isn't funny, Dot. Nor was it appropriate.

    And it certainly wasn't very bright.

  60. WTF are you talking about? Man, you've got problems.

  61. I watched the tape and I agree with you Dot, that it doesn't sound bad at all. Actually a little humour might be a nice change. What will happen though, is that he will be quoted on just the first part of his exchange and that particular one liner could be hanging around his neck for some time. But hey, that's the risk taken in spontaneous exchanges. He can handle it.

  62. Okay, enough of this. Stop.

    I don't care what you think of Iggy, but the D-bags and party hacks on this and other boards claiming, "OMG — he was serious!" are flat out LYING. Watch the video:

    He's smiling. He's chuckling. And then after he makes the humorous comment, he continues with a "No, the serious point I make is …" Everyone there is laughing along with him and he even makes a reference to everyone laughing. He gives a balanced answer following this about the tough job security folks have and how it's tough on the public, too.

    Get it? He was joking, then said the equivalent of "But seriously folks …"

    Anyone contending that Iggy was doing anything but joshing with reporters in a scrum is LYING. Full stop. So please stop.

  63. Peterboro, you are wrong. Dead wrong. Heres the proof:

    Note the smiles, the laughs all around. Then the "No seriously …"

    It was a joke and everyone was laughing.

  64. Oh great, are you going to start telling all of us 'what Canadians want' too?
    I hear enough of that from our MP's.

  65. It was vulgar, crass and politically insensitive.. Iggy's wetsuit moment.

    No, it's not me with the problem.

  66. He was also vulgar, crass and politically insensitive.

    It's his wetsuit moment.

  67. Bingo. Nice to see any politician crcking wise without a script and an audience of pre-screened supporters. Does anyone remember the outbreak of public dancing by the leaders while back. That was refreshing…it made them look human. Doesn't happen often.

  68. "Seems somehow coordinated."

    You'll notice a lot of those commenters where out ad about last time Ignatieff was dancing at that Muchmusic thing. Weirdly hyper-partisan.

  69. Political suicide is always fun to watch.

  70. Yer right. It's a massive plot.

  71. What's vulgar and crass are people who don't support a politician blatantly lying about what he did or did not do; did or did not say. When it's on freakin' film!

    I'm sick of it.

    And how is it politically insensitive to engage with reporters in a scrum? To be accessible? To try to give some sense of balance and perspective while adding a bit of LEVITY? When was the last time you saw the PM or even a government minister interact with the press?

    Move on to something real, please.

    As for the wetsuit comparison, what made that a career killer is it was PLANNED and scripted. Stock was seriously tying to cast himself as action man. Your comparison is weak. Get real.

  72. Yes, Emily. This time it is you.

  73. It never occurs to people that not everyone thinks like they do.

    If you like crude jokes….why then everybody does, right?

    And if comment boards light up screaming about it, why it must all be a plot, right?

    And all those senior citizens, who vote, and all those other socially conservative people who faint at the very mention of sex….why they'll all think it great fun, right?

    Stock thought his stunt was funny too…until he lost.

  74. So be sick of it….but it was a vulgar, crass, politically insensitive thing to do.

    Iggy's was planned and scripted too….he's grinning ear to ear, just waiting for the right question to slip that in.

    Scrums are fine, joking is fine….crudity is not

  75. I disagree. There was no 'wetsuit' moment. Nor was it crass or vulgar. I think Dot and Amateur Hour have nailed it quite correctly and he should continue to be spontaneous and unscripted. I liked the exchange he had with the PPG. It was humurous and he did address the question seriously. As for politically insensitive? Good on him.

  76. Most of the senior citizens I know tell far more saucy jokes than do my peers.

  77. What you see as crudity, others view as jocularity.

  78. Thank you Amateur. I'm not 100% convinced, but I hope you're right.

    Mike T- I'm probably what you'd call a red Tory. I don't really have a party right now. The Grits were a possibility ONLY because they are not the Bloc Albertois.

  79. Yes,they're probably related to you.

    'saucy'….my what an old-fashioned word

    AH…we are discussing wives and kids being groped

    People don't think it amusing.

  80. Yes, YOU think

    But you are not everybody

    Nor does everybody find legal child molesting amusing.

  81. No, most see a TV discussion of 'private parts' …..from the Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition…. as crude and ill-bred

  82. Sure, sure, Minister Strahl made remarks today, but did you hear what Iggy said about his private parts ?

  83. Clearly, as MLE demonstrates, Iggy today lost the prude vote.

    Adjust the third decimal place in all polls accordingly.

  84. A good rule to follow in politics is….if the Queen wouldn't say it in public, then the PM and the OLO shouldn't either.

  85. Victoria or Elizabeth I?

  86. Here`s the problem with Iggy: He`s so conscious of his handlers telling him he should maintain that silly grin on his face that he`s unable to get the proper signal from his brain to his voice box. The silly grin interferes with the the signal.

    He`s like the pimply-faced Grade Niner approaching the cute girl in the cafeteria, thinking only about what would be cool to say, then forgetting how to walk, tripping over his feet, falling hands-first right into her boobs—yeah, I just made that up; it didn`t really happen to me.

  87. What are you suggesting Emily? That I do? That Ignatieff does? That Dot and Amateur Hour do as well? You border on the absurd or worse.
    And the 'YOU think"? I suppose now you're the -everybody- we've been waiting for to tell us all what we should think and feel and how we should interpret an impromtu scrum after QP?
    Your over the top reaction sways me as much as Clement's claim of tens of thousands jobs at risk for 6 landing slots.
    So, no Emily, YOU are not everybody either.

  88. What year are you in?

    Elizabeth II wouldn't discuss her privates on TV, and neither should anyone else.

  89. Tell me. What have you found funny in this world? Wayne and Shuster? Red Skelton? Carol Burnett? Laurel and Hardy? Am I close?

  90. Why are you discussing ME at all? This is about Ignatieff, and things you don't say in public.

  91. Blue — that DID happen to you! Lucky landing on tissue paper!

    That's the thing though. The distance between our dreams and our real experience is the abject disappointment we feel when we find that our heroes and heroines are fallible.

  92. Because I believe you have NO sense of humour. Therefore, you should excuse yourself on topics related to this subject.

  93. Thus, it is eminently healthy to look askance at our leaders and would-be leaders.

  94. Disappointed that you're not part of the all day crew?

  95. This is not about me, this is about Iggy…the OLO…remember?

    I find it interesting that Libs argue in the same bizarre way that Cons do.

  96. Adults don't have heroes and heroines. Everyone is human, and everyone is fallible.

  97. Says the person who as of this writing has made 27 out of the 95 posts on this topic alone.

    Emily, if you don't want people to talk about you, I've got a simple solution. Don't post so much. But if you continue to occupy 30% of the bandwidth here, don't be surprised if you suddenly become the topic of conversation.

  98. Yet, in the absence of heroic leadership, can we condemn the profane?

  99. Stop selling him short. I have full faith that future posts will be even more moronic…

  100. Actually, I will retract my last comment. I have since remembered comments from you that contradicted my statement. In any event. on this topic, you seem to be an outlier. Nothing further to discuss. From me, anyway. You might have better success over at the G&M based upon earlier comments.

  101. To be or not to be….that is the question.

  102. I answer posts others make to me.

    Points for having so much spare time you counted them all.

    PS…and this is just another way to tell me to shut up, because no criticisms are allowed.

  103. First of all, it was not a TV discussion. The reporters asked the LoHMO an opinion. He gave one by starting off in a jocular way, as an ice-breaker if you will.

    I haven't seen Ignatieff as relaxed for quite some time as how he appeared in that particular segment.

    Now, in a knowledge-society, people would know that he was breaking the ice, perhaps letting off some build-up of tension from days, weeks or perhaps months gone by. Who can blame the guy.

    Look, in a knowledge-society, the general voter is expected to understand this: to understand the difference when expressions are crude and ill-bred and when they are not. In a knowledge-society, our leaders are not supposed to speak down to the lowest common denominator but are supposed to lift it up a notch.

  104. I'm in the majority, actually.

    Sorry, you won't dismiss Iggy's faux pas that easily

  105. After all, tissue paper padding a bra is more desirable than no need for a bra at all.

  106. THAT is funny!

  107. Hey, talk as much as you want…but don't be surprised that when you consume 30% of the bandwidth people notice.

    By the way, Chrome does the counting; if I had to do it I wouldn't bother.

  108. Indeed – the Liberal party is fractured. Kinsella has been out for Iggy blood for several weeks.
    I would never bother doing it, but it would be comical to contrast his current posts with the ones when he was employed to manage the war room.

  109. Emily,

    To be is a given. Not to be is a choice.

  110. It was on TV….therefore it was a public TV discussion.

    He was not being jocular, he was being crude.

    And since you know nothing about a knowledge society, you can give that game a rest.

  111. Politics is the art of choosing sides in a world crying for unity.

    — Fido

  112. Lots of people on here post hundreds of threads.

    It's only my criticisms you worry about. Interesting.

  113. Zing!

  114. The long and short is the insinuation that you are an ancient prude from a long gone era. I'd have to agree – you really are boning this out of proportion. Penis.

  115. I know what the insinuation is….however we aren't discussig me at all….the topic is Ignatieff.

    Amazing how both Libs and Cons wander off topic into personal attacks when they're losing an argument. LOL

  116. And Emily keeps proving my point: that knowledge-society will be out of sight for some time to come!

    Tell me what game you like to play.

  117. I don't recall arguing with you about anything. But let me be clear – I do not agree with your little rule for politics. I think such an outlook is both ancient and prudish. How's that?

  118. It doesn't matter what YOU think…it matters what the majority of VOTERS think.

    How's that?

  119. And now you're telling people they know nothing simply because they don't agree with you.
    Brilliant commentary.

  120. Well, I, for one, do worry about your criticisms, Emily.

    You see, I don't really enter this MaCleans Blog Central out of political interests. Sure, it's interesting to find out what our politicians are up to. But what's much more interesting to me is to find out how the general public acts out in response.

    In other words: I'm people watching.

    And believe it or not, such practice yields a lot more insight than any skilled politician can deliver.

  121. Pretty lame and delusional actually. Thanks for asking!

  122. Really? Gosh, I guess no one else on here ever thought of doing that.

    But if you're going to do people-sampling, you should check other sites as well.

  123. You must play darts because that's a comment sitting deep within the bull's eye.

    Man, I miss playing darts!

  124. What's delusional is judging all the voters in Canada by your personal opinion.

    That leads to lost elections.

  125. @Blue

    Came back to re-read — something nagging at the base of the neck that holds my head erect.

    " Here`s the problem with Iggy: He`s so conscious of his handlers telling him he should maintain that silly grin on his face that he`s unable to get the proper signal from his brain to his voice box. The silly grin interferes with the the signal. "

    I think you are bang on.

  126. "What's delusional is judging all the voters in Canada by your personal opinion."


  127. Of course.

    But MacLeans Blog is important because I'm keeping an eye on Coyne in particular. You see, he's the editor of MacLeans but he also speaks out regularly on CBC's At Issue, and from that point of view he gets to throw around an awful lot of weight.

    It's like watching a ball game: Who's throwing, and who's catching, that sort of thing.

    Never mind, people watching can get rather complicated.

  128. Well look around the web….you'll find your personal opinion is the minority one.

  129. Everybody needs a hobby.

  130. Like I said…he should have gone with Mr. Dangles!

  131. Thanks to AH for the video. Totally different story. Wow! The real story is not Ignatieff's comments but the virulent reaction to it. I don't think i owe him an apology [ what i said i still think] , but i wish i'd taken the time to look at the video before saying anything.

  132. If only it were a hobby!

    Reading people within a knowledge-society is hard work……….. :)

  133. The story isn't different….everyone saw it on TV….he still said the same words in public, and people don't like either the words or the cavalier attitude.

  134. It is when you're crazy, I'm sure.

    Perhaps if you stopped making lunatic assumptions, and wasting posts on your absurdities…

  135. Goodnight, Emily

  136. I've been reading McLeans blogs for about 2 years and this is the first time that I have had enough.
    Emily – please SHUT UP…..or find some humour, or some tact, or some insight, or some self-control.
    I am sure that I will now get jumped on, but to be honest it was worth it.

  137. I feel your pain. Usually, I manage to restrain myself, but I went for the bait, only to find myself wondering why I was so foolish.

  138. I don't think this is the place to discuss your Iggy S&M fantasies. Now bring out the gimp…

  139. Well, there goes Ignatieff doing whatever the Tories say again. I mean, Tony Clement did say that we need more Canadian sex stories.

  140. I thought this place is a Liberal circle jerk, thus right on topic!

  141. Emily, I often agree with your comments – but not in this case.

    No one is talking about child molesting, not even close. This is a discussion about ways to prevent another underwear bomber. I have to agree that your reaction is way over the top – no wetsuit moment here, no stupidity on Ignatieff's part .

    I also highly doubt (although, I could be wrong) that the majority of regular G&M readers are very upset about his remarks. I just get a sense that there is some coordination, some type of astro-turfing at play. I wish I had more to rely on here than my sense (calling any investigative journalists…) (I would even appreciate knowing that I am way out to lunch on this matter). One hint is that there are many common elements to the comments. I got the same feeling reading supportive comments for Rob Ford. I got the impression that the "grass-roots" swell of support was maybe not so "grass roots" in nature but rather something more coordinated.

    All the best…

  142. Heh…and you're raising the tone right?

  143. I never suspected you for a prude Emily…lighten up on this.