Fun date


The first ladies dine with celebrity.

With food by Jamie Oliver and guests including JK Rowling and Dame Kelly Holmes, it was a night when politics and celebrity were hard to separate.

While Gordon Brown had to settle for a rather staid dinner with his fellow statesmen, elsewhere at Number Ten his wife Sarah entertained an eclectic mix of notable women. Esteemed guests included entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox and broadcaster Emma Freud – though some eyebrows were raised by the presence of supermodel Naomi Campbell – better known for her criminal record and fearsome temper…

Table two saw the unlikely pairing of Martha Lane Fox and Naomi Campbell entertain Laureen Harper, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Margarida Barroso, wife of Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

Let’s assume our First Lady was put there on the assumption she could handle herself on the off chance Ms. Campbell was dissatisfied with the meal and lost her temper.


Fun date

  1. That is a truly unlikely pairing! I hope Laureen had fun.

  2. Is Laureen our First Lady or is Michaelle Jean? Or is it Her Majesty?

    I know it isn’t Celine Dion.

    • We don’t HAVE a ‘first lady’. That’s an Americanism we should nip in the bud before we get tangled up with ‘first gentleman’, or worse, ‘first dude’.

  3. Hmmm….so British taxpayers have to pay for dining the celebrities? In these economic times? Shame, shame, shame.

    By the way (and I’m certain no Harper fan), there aren’t many photos of Loreen and I thought she looked really good.

    Why aren’t the Canadian media reporting on Loreen? Oh, I forgot, Harper doesn’t do Canadian media.

    • Sandi,

      I believe they did, but it amounted to complaining that Harper incurred the expense of bringing her along.

      I wonder if all the other G20 leaders, who all apparantly brought their spouses, presumably at their own taxpayers expense, have to put up with this kind of BS from their own domestic media.

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