Funding Planned Parenthood, but not abortion


A few months ago, Conservative MP Brad Trost was boasting that the government had “defunded” Planned Parenthood. But after more than a year of public waffling, the CBC reports that the government is about to approve funding for the group.

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda has decided to approve a proposal by the International Planned Parenthood Federation to provide sex education and contraception in five developing countries…

The proposal gets around the thorny issue of abortion by asking for money for sex education and contraception services, and does not include abortion services. The funding is worth $6 million over three years for Planned Parenthood to work in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Sudan and Tanzania, where abortions are illegal except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.


Funding Planned Parenthood, but not abortion

  1. The problem with this govt is that policies keep changing depending on which religion is winning at the cabinet table at any given time.

    • So you’re opposed to funding for Planned Parenthood?

      • No, I’m opposed to religion having any say in the matter.

        • I find it amusing that you seem to be as pissed off when the Harper Government does something you agree with as you are when it does something you disagree with.

          • ??? Harper has never done anything I agree with!

          • So you’re opposed to funding for Planned Parenthood?

            I guess that also means that you had a huge problem with that official apology for the Residential Schools.  Interesting.

          • @OrsonBean

            They were apologized to years ago, this was just for show.

            And I’ve already told you about Planned Parenthood

            Now then, don’t you have anything better to do than follow me around to snipe?

  2. And we all know how a decision by Bev Oda is NOT final.

  3. Wow. Harper must be feeling secure in power if he allowed this decision. Planned Parenthood is most odious, degenerate organization operating in Western World.

    I pro-life zealot, but not at all religious, and decision to fund PP bothers me a great deal. I can only imagine what Con base thinks of this.

    • And now you’re against birth control as well.

      Amazing the things Libertarianism leads to.

    • Planned Parenthood is most odious, degenerate organization operating in Western World.


      Even for a zealous pro-lifer, if you can’t think of a more odious, degenerate organization than Planned Parenthood, you’re not trying hard enough.

      • The Rotary Club?

        • I was thinking more of the KKK, or one of those crazy militia groups a la Timothy McVeigh, but I guess that the Rotary Club is pretty scary.

  4. Given that 3% of Planned Parenthood’s budget goes to abortion services and 97% goes to other things, it’s amazing that it was so complicated for the government to find a way to “Fund Planned Parenthood, but not abortions”.

  5. “boasting” about planned parenthood defunding?
    “public waffling” on this matter?
    Such a propaganda report. Would expect nothing more from Aaron Wherry.

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