Funding without borders? -

Funding without borders?


The interim auditor general is asked about the Prime Minister’s comment yesterday that the Border Infrastructure Fund is “frequently used for projects that are not in border communities.”

“If monies earmarked for border infrastructure are being used for other purposes in addition to the G8 legacy fund I would have the same concern that I had with respect to using that fund for the G8 as well. If that’s happening, I don’t think it should be,” he told CBC News.

To explain Mr. Harper’s remark, the Prime Minister’s Office points to the funding, in 2003, of road improvements in Vancouver. Those improvements were linked to easing congestion around two border crossings. And that project is just one of 12 noted on the fund’s webpage. Here is a handy map of where those projects are located.

And here are the “funding and investment criteria” set out by Infrastructure Canada for the Border Infrastructure Fund.

The Government of Canada makes a maximum contribution of 50 percent towards the total eligible costs of projects that were selected, based on the following investment criteria:

  • Reduces congestion;
  • Enhances capacity;
  • Co-ordination with adjacent U.S. border facility and road access network;
  • Supports implementation of the Smart Borders Action Plan;
  • Enhances safety and security at border crossings; and
  • Financial participation of other public and private sector partners.


Funding without borders?

  1. The two B.C. ones lead directly to the roads to the border, so I can buy the border congestion justification.  But what Muskoka expenditures do that? 

  2. I can accept expanding roads leading up to the border will reduce congestion and enhance capacity of border crossings; this can include road work that might be 100km+ from the border.

    A gazebo 300km from the border has nothing to do with border infrastructure.

     Just because there are some projects away from the border that are important for border infrastructure…. does not mean ALL projects away from the border are important for border infrastructure.

  3. Boy, if this guy want the ‘interim’ tag taken off his title, he’s sure going about it the wrong way. Meddling, troublemaking public servants aren’t exactly held in high regard by the PM.

  4. yeah but Stevie says so that’s the end of it.

  5. Au contraire; every person you attract to a gazebo or a fake lighthouse in Muskoka is one less person trying to use a congested border crossing in southern Ontario. Mission accomplished. Well done, Tony.