Georgia/Russia: Saakashvili’s candidate


The president of Georgia speaks at a rally in Tbilisi, flanked by the presidents of Poland and Ukraine (the three Baltic countries’ leaders were there too), and quotes John McCain:

I should also note this communiqué on the Georgia Young Lawyers’ Association website, signed by more than a dozen NGOs that have often been sharply critical of the Saakashvili regime. Those fights are or another day; today, they call on “the World democratic community to take quick and effective measures to stop violence in Georgia.”


Georgia/Russia: Saakashvili’s candidate

  1. Now that’s real political theatre.

    Tugs at the heartstrings of every American, I imagine.

  2. He quotes McCain…hmmm. One of McCain’s advisers is a lobbyist that has something to do with Georgia.

  3. Clearly we are seeing a Georgian attempt to capture the White House.

    To arms, citizens!

  4. And here I thought President Saakashvili was going to use McCain’s quote about Georgia being “one of the world’s first nations to adopt Christianity as an official religion.”?

    Besides that, I am glad to see Russia and Georgia cease hostilities.

    Republican Party neo-cons ordered Georgia to start the war Author: Sergei Markov, director, Political Studies Institute

    Neo-conservatives in the Bush Administration and John McCain’s campaign team have decided to arrange a virtual Cold War between the West and Russia. Thousands of Ossetians, along with dozens of Russians and Georgians, have already sacrificed their lives on the altar of McCain’s election campaign.
    The neo-cons will make Saakashvili throw the Georgians into the furnace of McCain’s election campaign, but they seem to be promising that after the victory, the USA will help him establish full control over Abkhazia and Ossetia, and remain in power for a long time as president of Georgia. And Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko will take Ukraine to the brink of a split – apparently in exchange for promises to admit Ukraine into NATO and support widespread repression against Russians in Ukraine.

    Some may read this article and call it a conspiracy theory. Yes, there is a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy by the neo-cons with the aim of retaining their control over the world’s leading country and carrying out their plan to establish global hegemony; they make no secret of this. The neo-cons regard Obama as weak – incapable of establishing American hegemony worldwide, and thus a potential traitor to US national interests. So anything goes in their battle against Obama – up to and including a Cold War with a nuclear-armed Russia.
    Everyone remembers the huge international media campaign launched by the neo-cons in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. Now the neo-cons are launching a similar campaign against Russia in the international media and the United Nations. The aim of the media campaign surrounding South Ossetia is to start a new pseudo-Cold War with Russia.
    The European Union is our potential ally in this political battle, since it has no interest in a new Cold War with Russia or a victory for the miltarist neo-cons; President McCain would mean a de facto third term for Bush. Another potential ally for Russia is public opinion in the United States; most American voters hate the neo-cons and their high-risk military adventures, and want them out of power. Dick Cheney is America’s most hated politician. Thousands of Ossetians, along with dozens of Russians and Georgians, have already sacrificed their lives on the altar of McCain’s election campaign – following hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. We must not allow Cheney and McCain to kill thousands more Ukrainians and Russians. Europe must use its combined efforts to stop the mad neo-cons and prevent them from plunging our continent into a new Cold War.
    Everyone has been asking why the war started on the first day of the Olympic Games. There’s a simple explanation for that. The order to start the war didn’t come from Saakashvili, whose attitude to China is neutral or positive. It came from Cheney and the neo-cons, who hate China: thus, they also disrupted the media’s celebration of the Beijing Olympics.

  6. Apparently it’s a blog rule that you shouldn’t use blogs’ comment boards to post your personal manifesto, but whatever. Don’t do this all the time, folks, but if it’s a really good manifesto, I’m powerless before the power of the pen.

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