Georgia/Russia: The industrious Ms. Rice



Kitsmarishvili, who had been recalled from Moscow weeks before the war, said Georgian leaders had mistakenly convinced themselves that the assault had the support of U.S. President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

“Some people who attended the meeting between Condoleezza Rice and Saakashvili (in July 2008) were saying that Condoleezza Rice gave the green light for military action,” he told a news conference.


The United States has started a diplomatic offensive among NATO capitals in Europe, urging top diplomats to offer Georgia and Ukraine membership to the alliance without first fulfilling requirements under the Membership Action Plan, the process that sets out the criteria and conditions for eventually joining the military pact, according to NATO diplomats.

In an unexpected new initiative, Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. secretary of state, has already held lengthy telephone conversations with French and German and other senior envoys, asking them to discard the Membership Action Plan, added the diplomats.


Georgia/Russia: The industrious Ms. Rice

  1. The Reuters story reminds of the belief Sadam Hussein had after his meeting with the American ambassador that the U.S. had given tacit approval to his desire to invade Kuwait.

    Plus ça change …

  2. Is the Bush administration rushing to squeeze in one more act of gross incompetence (pointlessly provoking Russia) before turning over the keys? Or are they just trying to revive the Cold War for their defense contractor buddies?

  3. I do not see this going anywhere. Bush is a lame duck (and by extension, Condi too) and everyone knows it. The US can not rush Ukraine/Georgia approval into NATO without widespread support among European leaders and they will not get it. Bush/Condi have no leverage at all here.

  4. Victor – I agree with you, and thank god for that.

    If Bush had one more year in office, it’s not hard to picture Condi at a future press conference: “I don’t think anyone could have predicated that rushing Ukraine and Georgia into Russia would have provoked the Russians.”

  5. Correction: “I don’t think anyone could have predicated that rushing Ukraine and Georgia into NATO would have provoked the Russians.”

    Nothing says funny like “oops, lemme correct that joke”

  6. If it’s any consolation, I read it the way you wanted it read but didn’t write it, TJC.

  7. The Great Game has found a new playing field. Who was that “won” the last one ?

  8. American, Russian & Chinese defence contractors won, and anyone who really hates Korea.

  9. I am not sure what “pointlessly provoking Russia” really means here. I understand that by definition on this site anything that Bush administration did is to be blamed, be it “tacit approval” to Saddam Hussein to invade neighbor country or tacit approval to Mikhail Saakashvili to regain control on third of his own territory, controlled by insurgents receiving passports, funding and weapon from Russia and trained by Russian military.

    That is the reasoning that tacitely admits that Georgia is no more a sovereign country any more but some sort of Russian sphere of influence. And I just can not see any more where this Russian sphere of influence really stops and what is it anyway?

    For Russian leaders any former Soviet republic is their sphere of influence, including Baltic states and for some even Poland or Finland, or parts of other countries like East Germany or Alaska once controlled by Russia. Well, probably not really East Germany since Russian leaders see in today’s Germany their main ally in establishing this sort of sphere of influence. And definitely not Alaska, it is beyond Putin’s reach, he knows that.

    But, things are as simple as that: decade of Russian reforms a la Putin stirred sentiments in Russia similar to the Germans’ before the second world war. They have already appointed their own Sudetenland or Dantsig. And none of these really has anything to do with Bush or Obama. Just turning blind eye on this sets everybody on a very dangerous path.

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