Gerry Ritz, beefeater -

Gerry Ritz, beefeater


The NDP is pointing with some alarm this afternoon to a story in the Battlefords News-Optimist about Gerry Ritz’s visit to the community on Monday. He apparently attended a Rotary Club luncheon that included roast beef.

In speaking to reporters Ritz said he was “absolutely” confident of the quality of Canadian beef. “We had some great Canadian beef for lunch. I don’t know where it came from; I don’t care. I know it’s good, I know it’s safe. You have to handle it and cook it properly. Certainly, we’ve identified some anomalies in the XL plant, we’ve addressed those in the proper way based on science, based on international protocols and we’ll continue to do that and work our way out of this.”


Gerry Ritz, beefeater

  1. Looking forward to the photo from this opp: one of my alltime fave politico photos is of Fat Cat Ritz biting into a huge pork sandwich during the listeria crisis, showcasing pinky rings that would rival Joe Peschi’s. I bet he made darn sure that beef was NOT processed at XL!

  2. Is he not answering questions in the House because he has food poisoning?

  3. Him saying you just have to handle and cook it properly makes it sound as if he thinks that if you got sick eating any of this beef than it’s your own damned fault. Lots of people eat rare beef. We assume that in Canada, that it’s safe.

  4. “You have to handle it and cook it properly.”

    Wow, is he actually blaming consumers for getting food poisoning from tainted meat? Wow owo wowowowowow. Fire the bum, now. Consumers shouldn’t have to worry that their kidneys will shut down if they cook their next steak rare.