Gino Vannelli: Just visiting


Rick Mercer launches his campaign against the 80s soul singer.


Gino Vannelli: Just visiting

  1. Where's the bot hit team – Mercer is mocking the CPC?

  2. "Cookie Rankin. Not a real name. Not a leader."

  3. Was this laying the ground work for an upcoming swoon-off?

    And really, "People Gotta Move"? Move WHERE Mr. Vannelli? WHERE?

  4. There's no need for harsh talk like that – that's the way the cookie crumbles

  5. You're reachin' for crumbs there, danby.

  6. I can tell you one thing: Wild Horses could not drag me away… to one of Gino Vanelli's concerts.

    Go back to Denver!

  7. Gino Vanelli: Chest hair for the Nation.

  8. But he does still think about those Night in Motnréal … and then he just has to stop.

  9. Does this make Mr. Vanelli "Persona Non Grata" in the land of his birth?

  10. Someone should advise Wayne Gretzky he is not welcome back.

  11. Really, though, someone should do that.

  12. Gino should never be allowed in canada at all let alone the Liberal Party of Toronto try to sneak him as the new leader – look I know Iggy is a disappointment and has about as good a chance of being PM as Gino does but come on folks have a heart let Iggy retire peacefully and go out with a little dignity will you.

  13. Comedy is hard.

  14. In 1989 he appeared in a poster for Nike exclaiming that he: "Loves LA"

    In 1996, facing free agency, he failed to come back and play for a home team; instead signing with the hated NY Rangers.

    He says his last game in New York was his: "greatest day in Hockey"; A retirement game in the US; not any of the many championships won in Edmonton.

    Upon retiring, he didn't come home but instead immediately stole an NHL team from Winnipeg and moved it to Pheonix… Yes… Hockey… in the Desert

    Wayne Gretzky… not a Canadian.

  15. that was comedy??
    I though it was turnip juice? (apologies to the turnips….)

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