GiornoWatch: Afternoon of the medium-length knives


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The latest from Langevin Block:

Mark Cameron won’t have to worry about being lonely when he sets up shop in the shiny new Office of Plans and Priorities. He’ll soon be joined by former deputy communications director Christine Csversko, as well as Bob Klager, until recently director of planning over at the People’s Republic of Patrick Muttart. What will they be doing? Your guess is as good as ours. (Really,  “plans and priorities”? Was “stuff and things” already taken?)

Meanwhile, over at Communications, the survivors from last week’s purge are about to be colonized by Muttart’s advancing army at Strategic Planning, although we’re told that Jenni Byrne will take over some of the more menial – but essential – tasks, including the all-important talking points, as well as media lines and other messaging basics. That would fit nicely under her current bailiwick at Issues Management, although it’s not clear whether she, or Muttart will have the final say on overall communications strategy. Come to think of it,  what about Kory Teneycke? Will he become little more than a glorified press secretary? Anyway, none of this would seem to auger well as far as the promise of increased freedom for ministers’ offices, but there’s many a slip ‘twixt org chart and lip.

Comments/questions/inside info? Bring ’em on.

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GiornoWatch: Afternoon of the medium-length knives

  1. Sounds like “Office of Plans and Priorities” is code for “in the old n’ days you guys would now all be off getting jobs as lobbyists but since we have killed that golden goose, we will give you a made up job until you find something else but since none of you have any discernible skills or have made any friends of contacts in the outside world, that could be a while…”

    Office of Plans and Priorities is a bit pithier I think.

  2. Plans and Priorities sounds like the Speechwriting unit.

    All of this is going to become redundant in a couple of months anyway when the writ is dropped. If Harper wins, Giorno will not be his CoS – Novak will be, and he’ll probably have a simpler structure with Operations (appointments, advance, correspondence, HR), Strategy (polls, scandal/issue management, election readiness), and Communications (press office).

    Two GiornoWatches in a day — I guess that’ll make up for zero for the next two days as ITQ parks herself in SzaboWorld.

  3. “Come to think of it, what about Kory Teneycke? Will he become little more than a glorified press secretary?”

    Tom Flanagan – who has missed his calling as an organizational genius incidentally – in his book, “Harper’s Team”, states very clearly that SHarper is his own Director of Communications.

    Therefore, the entire messaging operation will be run by Harper with the intimidating CS-O having a strong grip on Teneycke’s briefs.

    One little f**k-up and it’ll be atomic wedgie time, Kory :-)

  4. P&P is the name of the Cabinet Committee chaired by the PM. Coincidence?

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