Give us a year


Paul Dewar offers a tuition break for a year of community service.

Dewar’s ‘Your Canada Year’ will provide 10,000 youth with a grant for training or post secondary education in exchange for one year of service with a non-profit organization … Under the program Canadians between ages 17 and 25 will be eligible to volunteer in Canada or overseas. In exchange they’ll receive a maximum of $1,500/month to help cover expenses during their service and a grant of up to $6,000 for one year of post-secondary education or training afterwards.


Give us a year

  1. When it comes to NDP, I prefer God botherer types like Dewar than the militant atheists. At least religious remember that people have duty to society, help downtrodden while others are just in it for themselves and protecting middle classes. 

    • Name one ‘militant atheist’ in the NDP….or in Canada for that matter.

      And stop promoting the idea that ‘God botherers’ have any monopoly on social morality.

      • It’s StatsCan that’s promoting the idea that religious have monopoly on social morality, not me. 

        Maclean’s ~ Do Atheists Care Less?

         Last summer, Statistics Canada released a survey on Canadians and their charitable habits. While less than one in five attend church regularly, those who do are far more likely to give to charities, and are substantially more liberal in the size of their gifts to both religious and non-religious organizations.

        The average annual donation from a churchgoer is $1,038. For the rest of the population, $295.With respect to volunteer effort, two-thirds of churchgoers give their time to non-profit causes while only 43 per cent of non-attendees do likewise. And churchgoers put in twice as many hours volunteering.

    • Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  2. Why the age limitation? I’m 35 and attending school for cabinetmaking, full time on a full student loan. I’ve just signed up as a volunteer with Habitat For Humanity for the year. Would I qualify?

    • Nope. It would end up being be mainly used by the voluntourist kids. 

      I do like the spirit of it all (encouraging individuals to help), however. Those who are not too busy having to make a living and/or actually have an *authentic* desire to actually help people will be good for this or a proposal like it. 

      Community service in exchange for community support, minus the direct cash carrot’n’stick. I think he needs to consider it more fully, though. Perhaps any student with x amount of credit hours or something to that tune.

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