Giving those other omnibus budget bills their due


Near the end of the finance committee hearings on Wednesday night, Conservative MP Shelly Glover spoke up to clarify a few points, including the relative size of C-38, the current budget implementation act.

I also want to correct the record with regard to the size of the budget bill. Let’s get to the facts. Bill C-10, which is Budget 2009, the first budget bill there was bigger than this one. Bill C-9, Budget 2010, BIA No. 2 was 880 pages. Bill C-13, Budget 2011, just last year, BIA was 644 pages. All bigger than this one. This is not unusual in any way, shape or form.

C-38 is, indeed, just the fourth largest budget bill the Harper government has tabled. Between 1994 and 2005, when the Liberals were in power, Parliament never passed a budget bill larger than 144 pages (2003). The Conservatives have passed eight budget bills longer than that, C-38 would be the ninth.

The 12 budget bills tabled between 1994 and 2005 averaged 73.6 pages.

The 11 budget bills tabled between 2006 and 2011 averaged 308.9 pages.

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Giving those other omnibus budget bills their due

  1. “This is not unusual in any way, shape or form.”

    Lol…well it is, if you exclude every other budget bill bar this govts.

    Forgot to put Glover on my list of dimwits. Really, it’s like the worst possible conception of a govt – grade 8 class put in charge of McGill.

  2. The terrible excuse that “The previous government did it too.” is now replaced with “This government did it too.”

  3. That proof is a proof.

  4. how much #cocaine do you figure Glover does during the course of a day…..?

    • Not nearly enough. I think it’s the hair bleach on the women conservatives that’s done poached their brains. Do you think they buy it in bulk and all bleach together? Glover, Raitt, Rempel, Hoeppner, Gallant — all but Rona, who goes for the glossy chestnut colour.

  5. Am I the only one to notice that the libs tabled 12 budget bills in 9 years but the cons got 11 bills out in 5?