Go boldly


The Toronto Star makes its demands of the next five weeks.

A country as well-placed as Canada is now should not settle for short-term politicking and stunted ambitions. We deserve a government with the imagination and boldness to take steps now that will ensure we build on the advantages we enjoy, and share them more equitably.

The Globe editors have their own demands.


Go boldly

  1. No more short-term politicking?

    No problem, the Conservatives just offered up tax cuts 5 yrs from now. Is that long-term enough?

  2. Well, that would be a first.

    Long-term planning….how novel.

  3. We have short-term politicians trying to solve long-term problems.

    Appoint OriginalEmily1 as lifetime PM!

  4. Lots of our politicians have spent a lifetime in politics….the only long-term planning most of them seem to do is on their pensions.

  5. I promise puppies for everyone by 2016

  6. They get elected for short periods of time before they have to face another election. Populism sells on election day. Good policy tends not to be very exciting, or it doesn't it usually get too many votes.

    OriginalEmily1 wouldn't be a populist hack. She'd solve the problems.

  7. You obviously don't know her as well as I and others do.

    If people want long-term planning, then elect a majority instead of a minority!

    Simple. lol

  8. Scratch that…only an eight point increase in a week or so.

    Liberals can rest easy.

  9. Well, you don't know me at all Dennis….but Canada has had numerous majority govts, and only a few long-term thinkers.

  10. Gosh, down from the 20 point lead you were cheering just a short time ago. LOL

  11. Some politicians have managed it before. Not a lot, but a few.

  12. Look, Nola, you can cut the act. And you'll forgive me for not accepting your expertise on the quality of the leaders we've had past or present. Thanks.

  13. Not sure what you're referring to. There was that one with an eighteen point lead a few days ago.

    Harris had them the closest I believe as six in their poll up to March 20th.

    At fourteen, there appear to be few if any polls that don't have the CPC with a double digit lead. And virtually all have the CPC with a sizeable lead in "vote rich" Ontario.

    It's the aggregate and the trends that we should watch for. Not any single poll in isolation.

    Both the aggregate, and the trend appear to be indicating majority territory for Harper.

    It's still early of course, and Iggy could suddenly lurch ahead. Or…..Iggy could continue to fall back, which would be disasterous for the Liberal brand.

  14. Will "majority" be above or below "evil coalition" on my ballot?

  15. If you're asking me, it's going to be above! lol

  16. Ahhh the paranoid Bolshie guy who gets odd sex phone calls, and thinks it's the census. LOL

    I'll forgive a lot Dennis, but I never forgive deliberate willful ignorance.

  17. LOL yeah, you know….you put it on every thread.

  18. See, Horatio? It didn't even take that long to come out. lol

  19. Oh, the deliberate willful ignorance is in every post you make, so it takes no time at all, Hamlet.

  20. Yeah, several of them on here I notice. LOL

  21. Nola, it's high praise coming from the likes of you and the tactics you employ in the pursuit of your bizarre liberal agenda. Who do you think you're fooling? Why always try to fool people in the first place? Changing names, pretending to be something you're not. This is what you think of people, is it? That they'll buy this nonsense? Whatever.

    I know, I know, vicious counterattack to come. It's what you do.

  22. Ahh yes, everybody is out to get you Dennis. LOL

    Interesting you picked Horatio and Hamlet though.

  23. To get back to topic, I like that list in the Star but I would add education. It's vital.

  24. Not what I said. "Horatio" was the name of the poster I originally responded to. You brought up Hamlet. See? Next.

  25. The media is being told to keep the real issues off the front pages by their conservative owners. Check out the CRTC Feb 9, 2011 ruling (google it) and see that the rules have changed to allow the press to mislead the public just so big business can have their puppet Harper give us FOX News North. Thats why we are hearing about these so called polls putting harper way out in front. It's bullsh*t. Talk about Power Hungry!!!! Canadian culture died on Feb 9, 2011. And the right wingers killed it.

  26. Ahh well that's because I've seen your ad on my space and figured you were into some kind of Spartacus thing.

  27. The Star "demands"? Why even bother Aaron? Is there really any doubt as to what the Star actually demands?

  28. What ad on my space? Why the lies? Why do you need these tactics for your agenda? Weird.

  29. Well, anybody can look it up. That explains your strange phone calls. LOL

    Hey, you're the one choosing to walk into doors here Dennis.

  30. Look what up? You're making it up. You're a fraud. You're not fooling anyone.

  31. Bang he goes again! LOL

    Doesn't jibe with your Babes in Bikinis calendar though.

  32. What other garbage do you have for us today? So much for lectures on Parliamentary history.

  33. Well you don't know anything about parliamentary history to begin with…and like I said, you're the one that keeps walking into doors. LOL

  34. The Star is mandated…has been since it's founding….to be liberal in it's outlook.

    That said, they are good demands in any case….from the country's largest newspaper.

  35. We used to joke they were paid by the post….

  36. Con HQ should demand their money back….LOL

  37. If you read the comments on The Star editorial you will notice how many of the comments disagree with The Star. I was shocked how the tone from the people of Toronto has changed within the last six months.

  38. Check the comments. You are a voice in the wilderness.

  39. Oooh I shall go hurl myself on my bed and sob.

    Get real. LOL

  40. Yeah, those Craiglist ads must have drawn a lot of applicants.

  41. "A country as well-placed as Canada is now should not settle for short-term politicking and stunted ambitions. "

    Pot calling the kettle black. Most of the Star is filled with short-term politicking. In fact, a lot of it is rather childish. A paper that publishes Heather Mallick has a lot of nerve to put up an editorial like that.

  42. You think Ghangis Khan was a socialist.

  43. OK; who kidnapped Chet? This guy's lucid…

  44. Actually, the February 9 date was the cut-off for comments on the CRTCs proposal to change the wording regarding false or misleading news to basically make it easier to broadcast/publish false or misleading news. http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/archive/2011/2011-14.ht

    But the good guys won this one! My understanding is that the CRTC has withdrawn its recommendation. But then, they did get more than 6,000 comments, if I remember correctly. And now that I've gone looking for proof that the recommendation has been withdrawn, I can't find any.

  45. OK; we get it! You've posted it on every thread. Move on.

  46. Hey, have you guys received a telephone call from a (paid) call centre in Miramichi? No sense worrying about the candidate in the riding possibly saying something to screw something up, they'll just pay a call centre to phone everybody to get out the votes.

    Conservative candidates. Not even allowed to campaign anymore.

  47. Well, and that's the problem (that and Heather Mallick). We are asking the children to police the children. I guess we always have, but the news media used to be filled with responsible reporters who went to some lengths to ensure a strictly objective news coverage. Or, at least that's my impression. Now we equate "objective" with "repeat whatever they say on both sides" as if the two sides always have equal logic or a point or whatever.

    I'd love to know how many opinion writers there were, let's say 20 years ago, and how many there are now.

  48. Not only that, but I find that news stories today, not in the opinion section but in the news section, so many of them are riddled with opinions. There's very little straight news out there anymore. Reporters want to inject their own opinions and steer the viewers in a preferred direction.

    On the positive side, there are so many more sources than before, thanks to the internet. That makes it easier to compare and contrast to get the real story. People in Toronto don't have to rely one or more of the Sun/Star/Globe, CTV/CBC anymore, there's a lot more sources than there used to be.

  49. Didn't the CRTC claim they had been pressured to change the wording? Not that i'm siding with PC's version of events.

  50. Do you seriously think that is legit? If you do, I'll come back in 20 minutes with a link to a similar left wing comment writers add, just so that you can see it's all fair.

  51. They say Picasso had the technical skill to paint a realistic portrait with the best of them…

  52. First of all, unless you have more than a Crisgslist ad to go by, I personally need more proof that this is legit. As I said above, if you really do think it's legit, I will gladly come back in 20 minutes with a link to a similar ad for left wing comment writers.

    As to the call centre campaign, I find it interesting that you draw the conclusion that the candidates must no longer even be allowed to campaign. Of course, an alternative conclusion is that they are freed up to campaign even more. All about perspective I guess.

  53. What are you talking about? What ad? Did you mean Craiglist, but even so, what does Craiglist have to do with anything?

    I received a call, yesterday, from a woman working on the Stephen Harper campaign. She asked to speak to my boss. I asked her where she was calling from (curiosity, and also didn't sound like a local call, and also, why not the name of the candidate?) She told me the Miramichi Calling Centre. I put the call through to my boss, who asked other questions to discover they were a paid calling centre.

    I didn't read an ad, or anything else. And as for the conclusion I came to, it was because the candidate was NEVER MENTIONED in a call to vote for the guy.

  54. Jenn, I got an email that you had responded, but I don't see it here. UPDATE – Now I see it.

    The ad, yes, I'm talking about the Craigslist ad. That was a response to those above you on this thread.

    As to the call centre, that is interesting, but again, your conclusion that candidates must no longer be allowed to campaign is slightly knee jerk, and I'm sure it was meant for effect.

  55. And I stand corrected, anyway. The lady did ask my boss to "vote for Peter Braid and Stephen Harper" which is how he got in the crack about how we don't vote for Prime Minister in Canada. So the candidate's name was mentioned.

    I guess I should have followed the link to see that, huh?

  56. Yes, they did, but the committee members were at a loss as to how "Please explain in light of the Supreme Court ruling" turned into "Change this to allow for false and misleading news"

    Personally, I expect the CRTC WAS pressured, but not by that committee. I have nothing to back this opinion up, except for the trend set by Rights and Democracy, the Whistleblower watchdog, the Oda defence, etc.

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