Go West


According to his office, Thomas Mulcair will travel to Fort McMurray, Alberta on Thursday morning to view oil sands projects.

Presumably, James Moore will be delighted to hear this.


Go West

  1. Regardless of any juvenile sniping politics from several quarters, it’s quite a good thing for a party leader, who’s presumably looking for form the next government, to visit different parts of the country. This applies more so for a locale that’s as great a source of controversy as it is income. The sands are a fact and, should the helm be taken from Harper and the CPC in 2015-6, they will still be a fact and Mulcair will have to be familiar with the territory. Additional visits will be required in the future.

    • Absurd. In order to see the effect the unfettered development of the bitumen sands is having on the environment and the economy, one must look to facts, figures, studies and reports. There is no way to tell, with any degree of accuracy, what is going on just by looking.

      But I’m glad he is going just to shut the boneheads up.

      • Hey he could just watch the commercials.”This is gonna be a ‘game changer'”

      • Don’t worry Ron, Mr. Muclair isn’t concerned about the shutting up the “boneheads”. According to the Toronto Sun, he might not even visit the tarsands when he is in Fort McMurray. He might just stay in town. Why bother to lay eyes on any technology, tailing ponds or anything else when you can read about it in studies and reports after all. Gosh when journalists rely on second-hand sources instead of checking things out first hand, I think they actually get fired but Mr. Wherry would know more about that. I am just happy that Mr. Muclair has such a devoted fan following.

        • So you’re saying politicians would learn more about the state of Alberta hospitals by just showing up and looking around than reading studies and reports by nurses and doctors, after all?

          That showing up for a few days can tell you as much or more than reading the work of people who’ve been looking at the area for years on end?

          Stop being an idiot. Going there will tell him absolutely nothing. If he shows up and a deer happens to drink out of a stream near a tailings pond and then keels over dead.. is that a true representation of the area? Or will you then be hypocritically calling for him to pay attention to the larger body of statistics?

          • Actually Thwim, politicians WOULD learn alot if they walked through the ER of any major city hospital. During flu season, they would see people laying on the floor in front of the plastic chairs in the waiting room. They would see stretchers lining the hallways manned by paramedics who can’t go back to work on their ambulances because they have to look after patients in hallways due to an overcrowded ER. They would see something that resembles what I imagine a Syrian ER looks like right now with people lined up in front of the triage, chairs full on either side with patients that the triage nurse is trying to keep an eye on because of their declining physical status. There is NOTHING that compares to getting a first hand look at what is going on but then our Alberta politicians didn’t want a first-hand look did they? That would have made it less palatible when denying what they read about the situation and intimidating physicians who were complaining of critical collapse of the ER’s. If you never take a look, you can pretend whatever you want is true. What did “special Ed Stelmach” say, “they have no proof”.
            As for Muclair, he could take a first-hand look at the technology being used; he could supervise the taking of water and air samples and take those samples to his own “unbiased” lab. The fact is he wrote the forward to a very critical report about the “tar sands” and he has no interest in actually laying eyes on them. I’m just asking why he doesn’t want to see them.

          • When will Harper be having a first-hand look at the communities that will be subjected to oil tanker traffic on the West Coast?

          • When will Harper be having a first-hand look at the communities that will be subjected to oil tanker traffic on the West Coast?

          • Well, gee according to all you experts, he can just as easily read a report about it. That should make you feel a whole heck of a lot better. In fact, he can read a few reports and then call himself an expert and pen one of his own. That is how an academic politician gets an education in Canada. Why would you complain? Are you expecting Mr. Muclair to visit?

          • I’m not complaining. But I’m wondering why you aren’t either. Maybe you could clarify why that is.

  2. Hahaha….I cannot believe for all the awful things he has said about the place, he has never visited it. At least James Cameron came and took the tour.

    • So did Jack L and he wasn’t overly impressed.

      • Yes but at least he showed up AND I don’t believe he wrote a forward to someone’s critical report suggesting he was an expert on the subject…an expert who has never gone to the site.

        • T.Mulciar should get his H2S first.

          • I don’t get what traumatizing our MPs will accomplish. Even the grunts hate Fort McMurray. You should be asking Muclair to visit nice parts of AB.

  3. Mulcair has been to Alberta before

    Goodness, after all the coverage on the NDP leadership campaign Wherry bombarded us with……

    • Do you realize that downtown Calgary doesn’t have any oil sands projects?

      I also find this rather funny:

      “NDP MP Linda Duncan told the Calgary Herald that while Mulcair will visit Fort McMurray and meet with stakeholders, he may not actually visit an oilsands project — located north of the city.”

      The best way to educate yourself on a subject is by avoiding it as much as possible, I suppose.

      • The best way to educate yourself on a subject is to educate yourself on a subject. I was going to say I’m glad rural ignoramuses are not running the country, but then I realized the appalling truth…

        • “rural ignoramuses”……brilliant!

      • Yeah Rick, I’ve been to Calgary…as has Mulcair

        Cons are just trying to make it sound like he’s never been out of Montreal. Another ‘attempted dismissal’.

        • You can’t be that dense. If you are going to put yourself forward as an ‘expert’ on the oilsands/tarsands/bitumen at least tour the damn things. It is not as if they are not accessible. In fact, the Alberta government would be happy to give you a tour. If you don’t go there, EVERYTHING you write and report and lecture about comes from a secondary source…you know nothing from first-hand knowledge. That is fine for you, Emily a “Joe Nobody” but a leader of the opposition who is making all kinds of claims should have first-hand knowledge, especially if he is comin up with plans on how to manage the area better.
          Visiting Calgary doesn’t cut it.

          • I guess there are always going to be people who buy the “he’s never been there so he can’t know the situation” hook, line, and sinker, but most of them would only consider voting for the CPC anyway. We’ll have to see in 2015 how much it backfires.

          • No….it’s not the “he’s never been there so he can’t know the situation” issue as much as the why if he is SO interested and CONCERNED about the place that he has devoted so much time and energy on READING, STUDYING AND CRITIQUING IT, has he not bothered to go there and look at it first hand. Wouldn’t that be something someone so invested in being an expert on an area would do, especially if they plan to criticize it in front of what is essentially a world stage. It is not a difficult or onerous trip. Maritimers commute to Fort McMurray all the time for work. It is not a dangerous place AND it is not some foreign country…he is supposed to pretend he wants to lead all of Canada, whether he feels he needs our vote or not.

          • Keep telling yourself that.

          • The idea of educating yourself on a topic was explained to you before, with considerably more patience than I would have mustered. You should avail yourself of it.

          • Yes, I understand that you think an education gained without ever stepping out of the lab is adequate but I just don’t happen to agree when it comes to a person with aspirations to rule the country.

          • The idea of educating yourself on a topic was explained to you before, with considerably more patience than I would have mustered. You should avail yourself of it.

  4. Considering the pile on from the political and business establishment and big oil, isn’t it amazing how Canadians have taken an even handed view of the issue at least according to that poll the media was talking about friday. If he can withstand that attack and still remain standing, he’s in pretty good shape.
    I think the Conservatives went berserk because they realized Mulcair’s comments showed such common sense and were so obvious that most people were going to agree. So they played the Canadian unity card and scared a few people but not all that many.

    • This is a clear targeted attack on Western Canada. He’s not attacking Quebec mining companies, suggesting they need to pay for their pollution. It’s only Western Canada that’s a problem for him. Meanwhile, his own riding is engulfed by almost daily riots. But Alberta’s resource wealth is the nations big problem! Ha!

      • This may come as a bit of a shock, but tar sands and electricity are a lot different.

    • I agree. The belligerent posturing of the West rings pretty hollow in the end. One can attempt to claim anyone who talks about the economy or the environment is a traitor who’s playing wedge politics and waging war against the West. But the absurdity of the position and the inherent politicking become pretty clear sooner or later.

      I’m glad Mulcair is standing up to the bullies on this one and offering Canadians a rock-solid economic and environmental alternative to Harper’s 19th-century “action plan” that turns Canada into a banana republic.

  5. I give thanks that I have never been to Iraq or Afghanistan, but I have pretty strong opinions about the war in both these areas. And I would bet a lot that Mr. Muclair knows a fair bit more about the tar sands than I about the middle east.

    But keep being stupid, everyone, it’s how we got to a Harper majority in the first place.

    • Afghanistan is just like Alberta! Why won’t anyone listen to this man when he’s talking sense?

      • That’s right Emily and if you keep begging, Quebec just might take you when they separate.

    • Not being stupid = having pretty strong opinions. Good to know.

      • You’re certainly right when….oh wait, no you’re not.

    • You are comparing your failure as an ordinary citizen to visit a war-torn country to the failure of a Canadian political leader to visit Fort McMurray, Alberta, an area he claims to be an expert on and VERY VERY concerned about from both an environmental and economic viewpoint.
      Then you have the audacity to call us who question the authenticity of his claims of knowledge and concern, “stupid”. I might be “stupid”, but wasn’t it Mr. Muclair who was lamenting during his campaign to be leader of the NDP, that his party only had 3 MPs between Ontario and BC? If he continues to treat the west in the way you so eloquently pointed out that Mr. Chretien did throughout his reign…”never bothered to make a campaign stop in reformland”….us “stupid” westerners just might continue to question his quickness to christen himself an expert on everything about the west without even bothering to tour the area to check his assumptions out. But then again, why would a prime minister need to bother visiting the whole country.

      • My point stands.

        • Naturally, wouldn’t expect anything else from a devoted…what do you always call us…oh yah…”dipbot”.

      • So we can expect Conservatives to shut up about the pipeline until they’ve toured the coast of BC?

        • Cliffs and grizzlies on the way.

          • I bet Harper calls a snap election while Mulcair is gone.

  6. In fact, what was the date of Stephen Harper’s first visit to Iraq? Had he been there when he claimed there was no upside to the position we took, and that the lives of Canadian soldiers were of minimal importance compared to lucrative post-war development contracts in the area?

  7. AB has Jasper and Banff. The hwy in between. Dinosaur bones. Two hockey teams. Stampede. WEM. NNI lab. Herds of Buffalo I think. Stamps have a team this yr at least. Pool tourney capital of Canada. Just on the other side of the border you can pan for gold or hit some hot springs.

    • …Frank Slide is spooky.

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