Good evening from Layton HQ -

Good evening from Layton HQ


Greetings from NDP headquarters here in the basement of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, down near Lake Ontario, where the chants of N-D-P, N-D-P have just broken out for the first time. The crowd has been a bit cautious, it seems to me, about letting a celebratory mood take hold prematurely, lest sky-high expectations be brought down to earth. Doesn’t seem like they have much to worry about, though. The room, capacity about 2,000, is only now starting to really fill up. More as the evening unfolds.


Good evening from Layton HQ

  1. ____.Excellent results.

    The Bloc decimated.
    The Conservatives running the country with the NDP as official opposition.

    Results couldn't have been better.

    Canada will do well.

    Eat your hearts out Well, Coyne Wherry and Geddes!


  2. Reminder that Canada's Seal Slaughter is still an international embarrassment. Harper Gov. upped the quota this year

  3. hA HA HAHA HAH SUCK IT MACLEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where's Emily 1…?????????????????

    • You're not very nice, niceguy

    • Emily is watching the hockey game.

  4. Well, I'll eat my crow and give kudos to chet. I never thought your prediction of majority +11 had a chance in hell, but thanks to the utter implosion of the LPC you pulled it out of Ontario.

    You've got your majority government, Harper, so now let's see a conservative party show up.

    • Yep apologize to BCVOR over at 308 too!

      Anyone seen Emily lately ? Or Peter ?

      Cats is gloating !!

      • I'm not apologizing to BCVOR; I still completely disagree with how he/she arrived at those conclusions :)

        • I disagreed also with the specific formula but you conceed the general point ?

          IE. CPC was under-estimated in '08 and they appear to have been badly under-estimated in '11.

          Well except for Compas and Ipsos Reid! BOW DOWN to them critics !

          Gloating for weeks Cats

  5. Congratulations to Jack Layton, the new leader of the official opposition, with it looks like over 100 seats!!!

    • can you enlighten me as to how that is going to make much of a difference in a conservative majority government?

      • Can you imagine if some of these num nuts had to be the government in 6 to 12 months? Jack gets 4 years to build his team, find his stars, and establish himself. I agree with Geddes…this is the best possible result for the NDP.

        Jack, I don't agree with your politics, but you are the slayer of the Bloc Quebecois, and for that I will always respect and thank you.

        • pretty nice starting salary for zero experience and on the job training…nice work if you can get it!

  6. How did the pollsters get the numbers so wrong?

  7. Ignatieff says he will stay on as long as the party wants him, but looks like he'll lose his own seat.

    • i am already thinking of 2 liberal quebec MP's I would like to see as party leader

      • Coderre? Who else?

  8. How do the pollsters get it so wrong?? Because hype is just that: hype!!!

    BTW: Canada was sick and tired of the BQ and since they could now climb on the NDP bandwagon, they could let the BQ go.

    The Conservative win has nothing to do with the Liberal implosion. The CPC CAUSED the Libs implosion. That's a big difference. Remember that one.