Goodbye Shrugging Dion -

Goodbye Shrugging Dion


From CP’s write-up on the new Nanos poll.

Nevertheless, Nanos said the poll indicates Harper, “who’s had a bit of a free ride” thus far, is now facing a serious contender for power. As a result, he said Conservatives might be tempted to launch a campaign aimed at painting a negative picture of Ignatieff before he has a chance to define himself – a ploy they used successfully against Dion.

But Nanos predicted such a blatantly partisan tactic in the midst of a global economic crisis would likely backfire.

Over the holidays, the main page of the Conservative website appears to have been scrubbed of its references to Stephane Dion and the party’s online mercenaries have begun to take aim at Mr. Ignatieff. See here. Very angry-looking. Quite scary. The Liberals are cleared led by a maniac. A well-dressed maniac, but a maniac all the same. 

Still, the Liberals could probably get away with using the same image in support of some missive about their new guy “getting tough” with the government side or condemning some outrage or another. 

Which is to say, try harder young mercenaries. Perhaps add some horns and a tail. Or photoshop in a silly hat. Or just put Ignatieff’s head on Shrugging Dion.


Goodbye Shrugging Dion

  1. Didn’t Dion lead Harper for awhile coming aout of the convention? This seems bad for the Liberals to me.

    The imploding economy is the most important vote changer though, all this other stuff is just a sideshow.

  2. We’ll see but I don’t think there will be Con ad campaign to define Iggy. At least not for a while. The clip of Dion shrugging his shoulders and whinging about how hard it was to make priorities was a gift from the gods and the Cons didn’t refuse it. I don’t think it’s that easy to define your rival with an ad or two unless you have something really telling, like the Dion clip.

  3. What the Liberals need to do is to set up the Conservatives. Get Iggy to engage in some supremely intellectually vain and aristrocratic charade, let the Conservatives go brutish over the affair and then reveal the whole thing as to be a hoax. Everyone knows Harpy’s ego is very fragile.

    • You want Ignatieff to portray himself as an Ivory tower academic? Just for a hoax? Don’t we have better things they should be doing.

      • You want Ignatieff to portray himself as an Ivory tower academic?

        Indeed I do, but in a way that will really con the Cons. It won’t matter what Ignatieff says or does. The Harpies can and will use it against him.

        on’t we have better things they should be doing.

        The Conservatives don’t seem to think so.

  4. I swear that the picture of Harper amongst his “team” was photoshopped in…


  5. I am surprised the Nanos numbers aren’t showing a substantial lead by the Igster! Let’s face it folks you seat in the seat you take the heat. There is a correlation that is interesting -> the farther Iggy moves from supporting a coalition the better the numbers – the real rub is Quebec as usual.

  6. I love how the desperate Tories are resorting on their website to the line “As far back as 1991…”

    Seriously. Wasn’t that around the time that Tories were stacking the Senate to bring in the GST in the first place? How times change.

  7. As I expected. If things go poorly economically over the next few months, I can’t help but imagine that Harper should polish up his resume. It’s almost inconceivable that the Conservatives would be able to emerge from this year looking at great when they are always the bearers of bad news for Canadians.

  8. Nanos/CP poll, the result surprising? No

    I hope the Lieberals get some gumption from this poll and vote against the budget.

    They’re broke and the far left too, the NDP mortgaged their national headquarters to fight the last election.

    Bring it on, we’ll finally get a Conservative majority and get rid of the taxpayer subsidy
    to political parties.

    Iggy is no different from Dion, except he can speak English.

    • I’m so glad someone use “Lieberals” so quickly. Yet more proof that we’ll have minority Gov parliaments– of any party, who cares– for the next 15 years at least.

    • PETER [ not bruce]

      Speaking of taxpayer subsidies i object to subsidzing yr ontributions ie., tax credits. I sympathize with yr tax burden but don’t see why i should subsidize yr cottage or pay for the shining of yr shoes. If Canadians don’t like the party subsidy i wonder how they’l feel about the infinately greater sums helping hypocrites like you to participate in the democraic process.

  9. Why are Conservatives all such bilious blowhards?

  10. Ti-guy, the poster boy for Leftist Mental Disorder.

  11. Bilious blithering and bourgeois Babbitry.

    • Ti-Guy,

      I occasionally check certain blogs on political matters and you are one of most frequent posters at all of them. Only a civil service drone of some type could have this much spare time, and your complete tribalism with respect to politics confirms this. I imagine you are one of the legions of Liberal Party hacks who jumped to the civil service when the rules were set upto allow this. Since I pay enough income taxes to have my own personal civil servant, I’ve decided you’re it. Here is your to-do list:

      1. Shovel my driveway
      2. Wash my car
      3. Wash my wife’s car
      4. Pile the firewood at my cottage
      5. Shine my shoes

      Snap to it quickly, or I might have to cuff you on the side of you head.

      • I occasionally check certain blogs on political matters and you are one of most frequent posters at all of them

        That’s about four or five blogs, I think.

        You need to read more widely. Also, do those chores you listed to burn off some of that seething, undisguised rage. Otherwise, who knows what you’ll end up doing?


        • Well, Ti-Bore, same ole’ same ole’ from you. At least with this rant you got strait away to the name calling. It seems to me you are the one on here with the seething rage. I kinda figured the same as Peter about you. Second rate civil servant and third rate intellect. How many times must I repeat to you, when you start frothing at the mouth and name calling everyone who disagrees with you have lost the argument. I have watched you hurl insults at people over and over while they calmly respond over and over with facts and rational argument. Which do you think I am more likely to be swayed by? Sorry I asked, that’s likely to hard for you to figure out.

          • I have watched you hurl insults at people over and over while they calmly respond over and over with facts and rational argument.

            That’s an outright fabrication, but thanks for illustrating for the folks at home what “Bilious blithering and bourgeois Babbitry” means.

        • Ti-Boy!

          Its snowing. Get to that driveway, boy! Don’t make me bit*h slap you again. On your feet, boy.

          • The only driveway you have is the one in which your double-wide is parked. I’d be more that happy to show you and Brandine how to organise small spaces more efficiently though. Ikea has some really nice, affordable solutions that you might be interested in.

      • Let’s see….

        2 cars, a cottage and you pay enough income taxes to have your own personal civil servant….

        Sounds like you’re doing pretty well. Why are you so dyspeptic?

  12. Well, the Conservative home page makes more prominence of Iggy than the Liberals’ page does of any of the Conservatives– mostly it’s the PM splashed all over the CPC homepage, with a relatively big clickable pic/critique of Iggy, but on the Lib homepage it’s also the leader splashed all over (although more blatantly I’d say– more propagandish than the CPC’s page even– continuing then there’s a little tiny over-the -wire-type story about Flaherty or something in the bottom right if you scroll down. … which overall means the Conservatives are more scared of Iggy than he is of them, IHMO.

  13. Jean Pelletier is dead, one more Liberal who has escaped justice.

    • Bruce you are taking your partisan nonsense to new lows. Get a grip and think before writing statements such as these.

      • boudica, I think you should look at the history of this individual, there is nothing lower and as for partisan nonsense………

  14. Hell of a nerve painting the Glibs as liars, given Harper’s track record. Mon Dieu, where to start? I used to think the guy had credibility if nothing else, but anymore I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of his mouth if it was notarized by the Governor General and a phalanx of Mounties. The last Liberal PM, Paul Martin, gave us the Gomery Inquiry when he could have just let it pass. The price you pay for being a stand up guy, apparently. Lesson learned by at least one politico.

    • “The price you pay for being a stand up guy, apparently.’

      How does calling an inquiry after your party has been caught laundering tens of millions of $$$ make you ‘a stand up guy”? Resignations, and paying back the money they stole, should have been the minimum requirement but so far only a few minions have been punished. And I still wonder where all the money went that was supposed to have been spent on the gun registry.

      • If you have additional details about criminal activity, it behooves you to report them to the authorities.

        Besides what about the hundreds of millions of dollars Harper has shovelled to cronies in order to secure donations to his party? He’s bankrupted us for purely partisan financial gain!


        • “Besides what about the hundreds of millions of dollars Harper has shovelled to cronies in order to secure donations to his party?”

          Yet another example of Leftist Mental Disorder. You are one sick individual.

          • Cretien showed how to shut down an enquiry – Somalia? There’s no reason Martin had to call an enquiry. He just had to hand it off to the RCMP to investigate for a few years, till well past an election. The Gun Registry wasn’t the best idea to ever come out of Ottawa, admittedly, but the bulk of the money was spent trying to cobble together a computer program. Same thing happened with General Motors, who finally gave up, and the FBI. That and having to defend it in court against challenges from provincial governments anxious to enrich many lawyers with tax money. Anyway, I wasn’t talking about the Gun Registry, which wasn’t a broken promise, in fact it happened, damn the torpedoes, and is still happening. I was talking about two-faced Harper. Where do you want me to start, Income Trusts never being taxed or only appointing senators who’ve been elected? No deficits, I believe. Fixed election dates. Would you buy a used car from the guy?

        • If anyone knows about being hooved it’s Ti-Guy.

          • This is really the best we can expect, isn’t it?

  15. Okay, I’m convinced now – the CPC trolls are low-lifes. A man had died and you read nasty comments. Low, low, low.

    You know, Dion did fail as leader, but he was an honest man of integrity – so can’t people just leave him alone? He’s already paid a big price.

    The CPC bloggers and trolls – what is their problem – angry, angry, angry all the time. Even their blog titles are angry – Angry in the Great White North, Angry Tory. Talk about tormented people. Never happy, always whining and moaning and groaning and such paranoids. Strong leaders and strong people are not paranoid and don’t continually blame others.

    • Those suffering from Leftist Mental Disorder live in the land of fairy tales, lollipops and unicorns. Like poor, poor Stephane, they stare blankly out of the window, while mumbling something that only they can hear.

      • You actually think that’s clever, don’t you. Unbelievable….

    • Sandi “honest man of integrity”

      Didn’t Dion say their would be no coalition just weeks before he agreed out of desperation to a coalition?

      • Compared to Harper breaking his own law to call an election?

        C’mon. Pull yourself together.

    • Never happy, always whining and moaning and groaning and such paranoids. Strong leaders and strong people are not paranoid and don’t continually blame others.

      Their reactions are similar to road rage. The more they give into it, the worse it gets. The Alpha Conservatives will have a to answer for one day for enabling it and keeping it going. Locking up Conrad Black hasn’t helped as much as I had hoped it would.

      Anyway, thank God most of them have the good sense to keep quiet in public, or we’d be living in far less pleasant society.

      • To understand the mindset of Ti-Guy, one must refer to G.K. Chesterton’s book Orthodoxy.

        In the first chapter, titled “The Maniac” (oh! the irony) Chesterton describes Ti-Guy, et al wonderfully,

        “Oddities do not strike odd people”.

        Now, Ti-Guy will respond with, “Worst book ever written”. Unfortunately, he’s already committed to Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism having that honor.

        • I have no idea what the heck Ti-Bore just said there. He should just stick to insults and name calling. His other rants make no factual or grammical sense.

          • One has to wonder what the leftist posters here think of Iggy suddenly supporting tax cuts?

            The coalition is DOA.

          • There was recent study done a few years ago that reveals that road rage gets more intense when one indulges it and that it’s best to work harder at ignoring the first instance of driver discourtesy. You can look it up.

            “No factual or grammical sense?” Oh, the irony…

  16. Bruce, it seems to me Iggie’s position on everything is much the same as Harper’s. Support for Isreal, close ties to the States(lefties must hate that fact). Iggie also is in favour of corprate tax cuts and running a deficit to pump money into the economy. The only difference is when the “Evil Harper” does it the left starts frothing at the mouth, screaming “fraud”, “hidden agenda” and so on. Personally I don’t really care which one of them is PM as there seems to be little difference. That is unless Iggie has a hidden agenda. Na, i’ll leave conspiracy theories to the far left.

    • Wayne – but Iggy will do it with so much style. Perhaps that’s what every one is really upset about. Trudeau, Chretiien, even Mulroney did it with some style. Maybe that’s Harpies real problem. When are we Canadians going to grow up?

      • The only style the Igster has is the apprentice who trims his unibrow.

  17. Good grief – from angry to immature and pitiful…sad, sad, sad.

    Ya, Dion was in the middle of a federal election when he said that – and things changed dramatically. You see, Harper lied, again.

    Don’t criticize Dion on the one issue when Harper has repeatedly lied. It’s hypocritical and petty. Harper talking points, of course.

    Where should we start in the long, long list – hmmmm….income trusts, election date, fundamentals of the economy strong…and we could go on.

    • It doesn’t matter now does it? The coalition is DOA.

    • Good grief – from angry to immature and pitiful…sad, sad, sad.

      Indeed. Very sad. And they never stop.

      • “And they never stop.’ Pot calling kettle……….

        • Well, at least I got you off “Leftist Mental Disorder” and “the Coalition is DOA.”

          I consider that a success.

          • Wrong again T-g, better try that again. No success for you, next!

  18. Oh wow, sorry for the typo, anyway Ti…that wasn’t irony, just a misspelled word. But congrats for posting something that didn’t simply contain more insults and name calling. God knows, perhaps we will even see rational argument from you before long. However that might be a bridge to far.