Goodbye to the NDS? -

Goodbye to the NDS?


An interesting exchange—and perhaps even a straight answer—from Question Period yesterday.

Hélène Laverdière. Mr. Speaker, I have a simple question for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Can the minister confirm that none of the Afghan detainees transferred by Canada are still in the hands of the national directorate of security—the NDS—an organization known for abusing detainees?

Peter MacKay. Mr. Speaker, I can confirm that is the case.


Goodbye to the NDS?

  1. Bbbbbut…what about that airtight agreement we have been assiduously monitoring on a regular basis? The one Colvin said wasn’t working.

    Might this have anything to do with the international courts taking a look at our record? Wouldn’t think that would cut any ice now. Or is the govt in possession of new detainee information they’re not sharing with Parliament?