Goodbye Vic Toews? -

Goodbye Vic Toews?

‘Mr. Speaker, I will not get into those kinds of cheap shots that the member does’


Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is reportedly preparing to retire. Maybe.

If Mr. Toews’ federal political career is soon to end, his last exchange with the opposition will be this one from June 10.

Randall Garrison. Mr. Speaker, the Conservatives have misplaced priorities when it comes to RCMP reform as well. Last week the minister refused to distance himself from Commissioner Paulson’s inappropriate comments about sexual harassment in the force. Now the minister is flatly rejecting the idea of civilian governance for the RCMP. This was a key recommendation of the Brown task force for improving RCMP accountability. Why does the minister insist on undermining rather than rebuilding public trust in the RCMP?

Vic Toews. Mr. Speaker, our government has taken strong action to restore pride in Canada’s national police force. Harassment in the RCMP, especially harassment of a sexual nature, is a problem. The commissioner, like all Canadians, finds it totally unacceptable and our government agrees. What I do not understand is that when we had the debate to see what legislation was needed by the RCMP, who stood up to vote against it? That member and his party.

Rosane Doré Lefebvre. Mr. Speaker, the minister is once again showing that he is living beyond his means, intellectually speaking. He knows full well that Bill C-42 does not go far enough. The RCMP needs a change in culture, from the bottom straight up to the top. The band-aid solutions proposed by the minister are not enough to restore the public trust. Why are the Conservatives opposing the idea that the commissioner no longer be accountable to the minister? Why categorically oppose the principle of civil governance at the RCMP?

Vic Toews. Mr. Speaker, I will not get into those kinds of cheap shots that the member does. I may not have been blessed with the same intelligence she has, but I try to make up for it with hard work. I try to work with my colleagues in the House. We have brought good legislation forward that would transform the RCMP. Unfortunately, that member and her party have consistently stood in the way of meaningful reform for the RCMP.

Given the statement for which Mr. Toews is most recently famous for, this bit about not getting into “those kinds of cheap shots” is possibly the funniest thing Mr. Toews has ever said. Indeed, his last two statements in the House—see here and here—would be responses to lobbed questions that allowed the minister to accuse Charlie Angus of sexism (for a reference to a Beatles song) and fret that Thomas Mulcair could have endangered children (when the NDP leader had his “misunderstanding” with Hill security).

Nonetheless, Mr. Toews would at the very least leave us with a valuable lesson about the limits of denigrating one’s opponents—or at least the risk that in doing so, one might undermine own’s own cause. As Mr. Toews admonished the NDP’s Francoise Boivin 16 months ago: “Mr. Speaker, the member, by trying to over-emphasize her point, discredits herself.”


Goodbye Vic Toews?

  1. Good effing riddance to this slimeball. On the day he dies he will deserve 24 hours of silence, but for now get the heck out of the institution you sullied.

    • let’s hope he isn’t off to sully yet another institution. Judge Toews sounds like the punch line to a joke. I think, given no other choice, i’d rather he stayed in the House where he serves as a walking billboard for the shallow end of the conservative gene pool.

      • It’s true that if you examine a conservative person’s DNA, it’s all icky and messed up. Clearly they are genetically inferior to progressive people. Hopefully a new Justin Trudeau government will institute a progressive eugenics program to rid us of this scourge.

        • It’s true, Hippocrates. Vic Toews is a giant among men and real young lady killer to boot. A stud of a fellow, a great companion and wonderful provider for family members in good standing. He smells wonderful and his tears cure poison ivy. He sings like a dream and he can Mime the whole bible. We won’t soon see his likes again. Women want to be with him, and men want to be him. I admire him but you worship him. I hope his retirement, if true, does not plunge you into the pit of despair. .

          • I didn’t realize that you are a conbot, but your rather disturbing post suggests that you are. That’s unfortunate. I had thought that you were progressive.

          • I’m the conbotiest conbot in the whole conbotery!

            Stand by for more certified conbot content.

          • Vic Toews doesn’t always drink beer but when he does he chooses Dos Equis . . .

    • Agreed! Vic Toews alwasy reminds me of the EMBRASSING UNCLE everyone has who shows up at family gatherings with a variety of paranoid blowhard opinions and insults, who really knows nothing.

      We can tolerate a drunk uncle once a year at Thanksgiving, but it has been such an embarassment to have one as a Minister of anything.

      Don’t let the door hit your kiester on the way out.

  2. The line of defence used by Toews above is truly infuriating. I’ve heard it from a lot of Ontario Liberals too, so it’s not a Conservative thing. It’s a government thing. It’s a ‘I can’t come up with anything better to say’ thing. But it is truly, truly infuriating.

    • Maybe the babysitter has some ideas? We’ve had some very smart ones in our family.

  3. So many babysitters, so little time.

  4. Great collection of links AW. Vic Toews and James Moore remind me of certain hockey enforcers. They can’t skate, have cement hands, but they’re are big and dumb and do what they’re told. Vic Toews was among the worst. A complete disgrace to the ‘profession’ (for want of a better word).

    Love Charlie Angus though; always a pleasure to watch him in QP.

  5. Yosemite Vic will now, sadly, never get that durned varmint. Dagnabbit!

    Unless said varmint turns up in a Manitoba high court where hizzoner presides. Then it’s three tons of Acme TNT, Judicial Grade . Lit by a short fuse.

  6. what an embarrassment.

  7. Mr.Toes will be remembered for his inane, rash and stupid comments made in the House during Q&A period – “radical environmental terrorists”, “either you’re with us or with the pedophiles” and many more. Toes frequently illustrated a poor knowledge of CSC, RCMP and facts on Public Safety. With his assistance much of the new legislations introduced will failed to protect Canadians, will impeded rehabilitation, will increased the risk of violence in federal institutions and no honest forward approach to investigations/conclusions into the RCMP problems. Toes just quits after being a bully towards the RCMP communicating with the public muzzling and playing the role of a great “overseer”. Let’s hope that who ever replaces Toes has insight into the Criminal Justice System or else hand back to the Solicitor-General the four sections RCMP, CSC, NPB, and CSIS.

    • These are all worthy reasons he was a bad MP, but human nature being what it is what he will be remembered for is impregnating the babysitter he hired to sit for his children.

  8. Time to flush this turd into the political septic tank to join the likes of Helena and Bev.

  9. Would Harper appoint Toews as a judge after a year’s wait when most Canadians wouldn’t let their daughter babysit for him? Would Harper want another scandal right before the next election?