Great moments in Conservative history


The Conservative party has redesigned its website and added a section on the history of “Canada’s Founding Party.” In addition to claiming Confederation (achieved when the province of  Canada was governed by the Great Coalition) and women’s suffrage as “conservative achievements,” the official party story generally covers more recent events, such as the following.

On January 23rd, 2006, Canadians voted for change.  Two weeks later, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet were sworn in to lead the new Government of Canada.  When the global economic recession threatened, the Harper Government took timely and prudent action to ensure Canada remained on track for long-term stability.  And when faced with another general election in October 2008, Canadians trusted a Conservative Government to continue leading Canada on a path for economic success.

The sequencing of these last two sentences is interesting because it was actually during the September and October 2008 campaign that Mr. Harper said it was his belief that “if we were going to have some sort of big crash or recession, we probably would have had it by now” and that “the only way there is going to be a recession” is if the Liberal party were elected to form government.


Great moments in Conservative history

  1. That’s just mean.

  2. Hey, it’s their own website. They can tell whatever lies they choose on it.

  3. What about the conservative’s grand Meech Lake Accord and giving birth to modern Quebec separatism?

  4. Remarkable achievements considering they’ve only been around since 2003.

    • If Stephen Harper was the replacement bassist for Pink Floyd now instead of his current gig, he’d be telling people at the bar that he wrote The Wall.

  5. Man! That is just so damn inspiring, you know?
    I want to write a cheque in support of such a grand tradition.
    Should I make it out to Deltro Electric Ltd?

  6. I’m confused on my talking points: was the economic stimulus a wasteful, deficit-creating boondoggle forced upon Canadians by the socialist opposition? Or was it strong, wise leadership for Canadian families by Canada’s awesome Conservative government?

    • Who are you talking to when you have to make that call? Sorry, that’s confusing. Here are two talking points. Use whichever one seems to fit best at any moment. Yes, you can say them one after another. Oh, if anyone should be so bold to point out that there seems to be a contradiction there, look them squarely in the eye and tell them that’s the Liberal’s fault. Tell them you have been clear. Very clear.

  7. What balderdash…LaFontaine and Baldwin created Canada….and women won the vote for women…..not men, and certainly not Harper’s party.

  8. Truth is what Harper says it is. Aberta Uber Alles!!!!!!

    • Yes, Conservatives are Nazis and Alberta is the epicentre of evil. I understand that that is the essence of the Canadian progressive position these days.

  9. the first testicle transplant was performed by a Tory doctor #CPCHistory

  10. Woodstock almost didn’t happen, but Stephen Harper saved the day #CPCHistory

  11. Pierre Poilievre shot Hitler in a movie theatre in France #CPCHistory

  12. Stephen Harper invented the Moog Synthesizer #CPCHistory

  13. Steven Woodworth discovered The Americas in 1492 #CPCHistory

  14. The world used to see Orwell as an illustration of everything that could go horribly wrong in modern democracy and civil discourse.
    Conservatives are the first to see his works as part operating manual and part inspirational
    declaration of political party goals.
    Earlier we had Linda Keen show trial, mission accomplished military circus, opponents treasonous, (Taliban Jack), and on and on.
    Animal Farm as bible of what to do not what not to do.

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