Great Moments in Farce


Conservative MP Mark Warawa, addressing the House on December 5, 2011.

Mr. Speaker, Europe addressed the issue of the price of carbon continentally. We have said that we will deal with the issue of a cap and trade agreement continentally, if the United States does the same thing continentally. The United States has a target of a 20% reduction of 2005 levels by 2020. We have exactly the same target. We are doing it continentally.

When we brush the facade off the question, it is: Do we support a carbon tax?

Absolutely not. We heard from the member for Vancouver East just moments ago saying that Bill C-469 was a wonderful bill and it passed through the House. That was because of the coalition that had come together to support a carbon tax. Canadians said no to a carbon tax. That is one of the big reasons why the Conservative Party is the Government of Canada.

Little did Mr. Warawa know that just six months later, Peter Kent would declare that cap-and-trade and a carbon tax were the same thing. That means that here Mr. Warawa was, in fact, confirming the possibility of implementing a carbon tax (at least so far as the Harper government has decided to define it), while also stating the government’s categorical opposition to a carbon tax. In fairness to Mr. Warawa, it is difficult to keep up.

Here, again, is everything you need to know about the Conservative farce.


Great Moments in Farce

  1. Robert Sopuck’s carbon tax Member’s Statement yesterday was a thing of beauty. Actually cites the 2008 election proudly for fighting against carbon tax and goes on to attack the current NDP position.

  2. So, wait, is he saying that our “Made in Canada” solution is a continent-wide carbon tax to be implemented in conjunction with the Americans, whenever they decide what they’re going to do, and with the same targets?

    That’s shocking. (Not).

  3. I haven’t said this lately, and it may be that I’ll say it every few weeks for the next three years. Thanks for keeping this up, Aaron.