Great Moments in Farce


As noted yesterday, the Conservatives are particularly fixated on the fact that the NDP’s commitment to cap-and-trade was detailed in “black and white” in the party’s platform. In fairness, it is a standard Jim Prentice once held the Harper government to.

It is right there in black and white in our platform, and we have now made a commitment in this area. We will implement a North American cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollution, and we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. These major commitments represent more than any other party has done.

Here, again, is everything you need to know about the Conservative farce.


Great Moments in Farce

  1. Give it up Aaron – we will move to whatever rules the US eventually move to.
    How about the ‘farce’ of the Dippers being told to vote against Motion 312 whereas the other parties voted their personal belief???

    • It’s one thing to lie. It’s another thing altogether to cast someone in a bad light for agreeing to the very thing you proposed yourself – and then to effectively deny that you ever proposed it.
      How can these backbench drones sleep at night? Have they no conscience? No self respect? These are the best and brightest?

    • “Give it up Aaron”

      AW’s only sin here is mirroring the Con clown show’s ridiculous perseverating on the topic, with every utterance they deliver in the House day after day after freakin’ day.

      Maybe you should ask them to give it a rest.

    • Give it up Aaron – we will move to whatever rules the US eventually move to.

      Yeah Wherry! Where’d you get the ridiculous notion that there was going to be a “Made in Canada” policy on this file??? We’re going to do whatever the Americans do, even if the Americans do something that will be a horrible socialist blight on all of our lives. Why can’t you be satisfied that the Tories have made a specific emission reduction target? Where’d you get this notion that a party that commits to making reductions actually has to explain how they’re going to make those reductions??? The Liberals made reduction commitments without any serious plan to meet their targets, and if I recall correctly the Tories were just fine with that at the time.

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