Guess who does think the coalition is legitimate?


Conservative MP Daryl Kramp.

“Obviously I’m against the coalition, but I don’t believe that’s the issue. I think the coalition is legitimate, but people don’t want to see it instituted so soon after an election and certainly not with a blank application. Whatever happens must be the result of serious, deliberate, thoughtful action and must represent the thoughts of all Canadians.”


Guess who does think the coalition is legitimate?

  1. It’s not really that hard to say something sensible and/or reasonable. I don’t know why Conservatives don’t try it more often.

    • “must represent the thoughts of all Canadians”

      is that the new standard for political decision making? what all falls within its span of control.

      • that was supposed to be a comment on the main article

    • Because once you start acting sensible and reasonable all the time, you become predictable. That’s hardly the way to win at chess.

      • But chess is predictable. At each turn, the state of the board presents a very limited set of possible moves going forward and thuszzzz…..

        ….zzzzz. Whaaa?!! Oops. Sorry. Bored myself to sleep there.

        What Harper is doing is kabuki, not chess. It’s time we all admitted that and appreciated it.

        • Kabuki? Surely you mean Go?

          • And now the board is filled with sekis.

          • Which cannot be resolved except by starting again.

            O God please, not another election….

        • But less cross-dressing than Kabuki. That we know of.

          Really, it’s more like Commedia dell-arte — the Liberals & NDP want to get married, but the CPC opposes the union, so the young lovers ask the Bloc for help. I’m not sure if Harper should be Il Dottore, Pantalone or Tartaglia. I think it goes without saying that Jason Kenney is Pulcinella.

          • Perhaps T-G was referring to Mr. Harper’s use of formalised (and heavy) make-up?

    • Aaron, you will rot in hell, a conservative MP thinks he is far enough from Ottawa (and talking to a small enough news outlet) to actually speak his own personal opinions and you publically out him! Shame on you!

  2. Succintly put and I for one agree for the most part – as it was obviously more of we don’t like Harper sort of thing and a lot of fear that the removal of the subsidy might actually happen and not just be card in the hand to be played whioch it obvioulsy was this resulted in a strategicaly stupid move right after an election … come on get some smarts and play your cards right if they had waited until the coming budget and say had an internal plebiscite to their members as well bring the subject up in the media to get feedback from voters … maybe then such an idea might have played out differently but they rushed to the photo op to sign the letter and only succeeded in shooting themselves in their own poltical feet as well as hastened the demise of Dion resulting in the Igster being crowned instaed of elected by the members of the party at a a convention – never a good start – as they say observe the law of unintended consequences.

    • Wayne, I stopped reading your post after “succintly put,” I think for obvious reasons.

      • I stop reading Wayne’s comments, well, after I see that they are in fact, Wayne’s comments

        • I for one appreciate Wayne’s postings. Nothing supports your cause in a written debate more than the apparent subliteracy of your opponents.

          Plus they read like amusingly bad absurdist poetry, minus the punctuation & line breaks. But if he starts rhyming I’ll be a little uneasy.

  3. What is “legitimate” supposed to mean?

    Legal? Adhering to parliamentary convention? Adhering to Canadian tradition? Supported by the will of the people? Stable? Good for Canadian unity? Similar to coalitions in other jurisdications, whether provincial, other parliamentary democracies, or other democracies of any type? A viable option for the governor general? Desired by all 3 coalition party leaders? Desired by Canadians in all regions? Capable of governing effectively?

    It’s a meaningless statement.

  4. Kamp strikes me as a smart guy. Let’s defeat this coalition, but not by arguing that all such coalitions are bad.

    • He’s certainly demonstrating more foresight.. unless you assume that the conservatives will remain the party with the largest plurality in the House of Commons forever.

      I for one, am relishing the day when Mr. Van Loan finds himself arguing that working in a coalition with the Bloq to take power from the Liberals is a good thing.

  5. As long as the coalition is a phantom-menace it will be used against Iggy – including in the NEXT election.
    If the coalition gov’t becomes a reality and is not a fiasco, it will be defused as a weapon, could even be a plus.

    Iggy’s best bet:
    * Join Layton in a press conf. to reiterate the viability of the coalition. (Keep Gilles away from the cameras.)
    * defeat Harper and ask for the GG to make him PM.
    * give good gov’t for at least 6 months

    hey we might even usher in an era of broadbased coalition gov’t in Canada.

    • * Join Layton in a press conf. to reiterate the viability of the coalition. (Keep Gilles away from the cameras.)

      Just make sure someone thinks about the background (flags, signs, etc.). Hire whoever Harper uses to cover-up exit signs when he has his photo-ops.

  6. Finally a Conservative who doesn’t peddle the same old Harper/PMO lies about the coalition. In other words, a grownup.

  7. I`m surprised that the Ignatieff Liberals are still flirting with this Coalition idea. I would have thought that they would have distanced themselves from it pronto.

    I`ve been thinking that Dion`s legacy lives on even though he`s gone. I suppose you can`t just erase two years of his legacy overnight.

    The left-ward drifting Liberals, the longer they stay adrift on the left , the more it`ll become part of their persona in the public`s mind.

    But will it all be fixed by the new Ignatieff team chock-full of Torontonians. Why the nasty Warren Kinsella is part of the new Ignatieff team. I suppose one can argue that that constitutes a re-making of sorts of the Liberal Party of Canada.

    I`m a little surprised by the slow start of the Ignatieff Liberals to date.

    • It’s a useful cudgel to keep the Government from flying off the handle. I think you’re right that the public would think the Liberals are drifting left if the coalition came to pass, but in the meantime they’re not paying much attention. By and large, the Canadian public judges on the basis of events and ignores what-ifs.

      • To taste power again, the liberals will go left, south and down.

        • Left, south & down from the Liberal power base would geographically be Detroit, unfortunately, & probably in the basement. Not a good place to be at the moment, unless one’s independently wealthy in gold bullion & a proponent of the schadenfreude lifestyle.

    • No one seriously thinks Ignatieff wants the coalition to succeed, he’s just using it to keep Harper in line.

      We’ll see if that’s successful.

    • Don’t you ever worry you’ll choke on your bile?

  8. To taste power again, the liberals will go left, south and down.

  9. When Kamp prattled that what happens next ” must represent the thoughts of all Canadians” he lost me. That is not the Stephen Harper party of Canada that I was brought up to resignedly shake hands with!
    And if as we know the LIberals will go south and east for that taste of power, how many directions has the mosty spendiest government in Canadian history, jam-packing the Rideau canal with promises and beliefs jettisoned for voter appeal, spun around in?

  10. Jacques Pariseau and Bernard Landry like the Coalition, nay they love it.

    It has given the Bloc Quebecois more political legitimacy than any other event I can remember. It has given them political credibility in Canada.

    Michael Ignatieff – show leadership, repudiate this ignoble deal with the Separatists.

    • Dial it down, Camille.

      • Ignoble, I say, with as much disdain as I can muster whether I pronounce it in French or English.

  11. Well,

    if a single conservative MP thinks it, it must mean……..

    how many Lib MP’s are anti abortion, again?

    How ‘ bout against gay marriage? Of course, of course, we’re talking about the leftist coalition, different standards and all that.

    Don’t you love how the prominence of a single MP immediatly gains immense stature among the media when the believes some statement or another can be spun in favour of the media’s team?

    • Don’t you love how the prominence of a single MP immediatly gains immense stature among the media when the believes some statement or another can be spun in favour of the media’s team?

      I think the news here is that a Conservative MP said something sensible for a change.

  12. The acquittal of O.J. Simpson in the criminal trial was legitimate. But was it right? The optic created from the trail was one from which the vast majority of Americans and world citizens believed he got away with murder. The result was that Simpson became a persona non grata in most parts of this fine planet. In a similar sense the coalition has a legitimacy which if acted upon would likely destroy them beyond recognition in a general election.

    • What’s remarkable,

      is the fact that virtually every poll which showed the coalition was widely hated, in conjunction with a plethora of instances of outrage over the deal,

      has been widely ignored by the left.

      That Iggy has chosen to publicly keep the coalition option open will mean almost certain disaster in the election which I’m sure Harper will prompt in the near future.

      It’s difficult to fathom a worse blunder than proposing a massive carbon tax in the middle of a fuel crises, but the natural “federalist party” with its decades long brand of defending Canada against the Bloc, making a deal to bring the Bloc to power and giving them a veto over our nation, has easily topped it.

      It will be hard for the Libs to slink away from this untenable position in the next election, given the ability of the CPC to utilize its massive warchest to remind Canadians of it in the starkest terms,

      over and over and over again.

      • Kody, I must ask since I’ve seen this talking point so many times. How on earth does the Bloc get a veto? The only way for that to be anything like a realistic scenario is if the Conservatives a) stop showing up for work, or b) vote WITH the Bloc.

        I shall assume that a party so dead set against giving the Bloc a veto would, in fact, not facilitate giving the Bloc an effective veto. Although, the Harper government has said one thing and done another on so many occasions now I’ve lost count, so perhaps that is naive of me to assume.

        So are you telling me that if a Coalition government came to pass the Conservative Members of Parliament, duly elected in their respective ridings, would stop taking their seats in Parliament?

        • Jenn – If Michael Ignatieff does not repudiate the deal with the Separatists he will be in a bigger hole than Stephane Dion took two years to dig himself into. If the Liberal braintrust can`t figure this one out, they are no longer to be feared, they are to be pitied.

          How could Jean Chretien have supported the Coalition – I still can`t beleive it. Stephane Dion I can understand, he`s the most clueless politician that this country has ever seen.

          • jarrid – consider another possibility. Ignatieff hasn’t repudiated the coalition. Is he merely stupid, possible but unlikely. He’s inexperiencd, but not that much. Another possibility is that he knows something or suspects something we don’t. I think the GG has let SH know he will not be getting an election. Sure the coalition will be unpopular but legal. Ignatieff knows he’s got an edge, an edge, as you pt out he almost certainly oesn’t want to use. But use it he will, if he has to.

        • Don’t try and reason with Kody. He’s a one man band.

        • Jenn,

          go look at the terms.

  13. Imagine Michael Ignatieff canvassing in the streets along with Gilles Duceppe next election.

    Next Imagine the Liberal poll numbers tank faster than when the Titanic hit the infamous iceberg.

    Mr. Ignatieff, your fans are getting impatient. Fish or cut bait. Fish or cut bait.

    If you go fishing with Duceppe you`ll catch a great big drop in the polls.

    In the polls.

    A big


    • Are you and Kody the same person?

  14. marginalizing any dissent

    today’s tolerant progressive left

  15. What’s with all these Tories speaking their minds to the press? First Bruinooge, now Kramp?

    Could it be that The Harper is losing his grip on his caucus?

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