Guess who has a plan to save the auto industry?


Neil Young. And yes, it includes a bailout.


Guess who has a plan to save the auto industry?

  1. Average Labour costs per hour:

    The Big 3 – Japan (Honda, Nissan, Toyota): $44.17
    The Big 3 – Guys Seeking the Bailout: $73.21

    (Source data: here)

    Governments are supposed to bail this situation out? Please…

    Paging Andrew Coyne…paging Andrew Coyne

  2. Apart from that basic problem, though, john g, you have to admit that Neil Young points out the way forward very succinctly. And great to see that he’s personally committed to proving you can have a huge-ass car that’s still pure green.

  3. Jack M Neil Young doesn’t point out the way forward, at least not if you are worried about global warming. Generating electricity is one of the main causes of global warming, if you believe the hype, and the batteries that are needed for this type of car are incredibly toxic, dirty and hard to get rid off.

    If Neil Young looked into this at all, he should have realized that hydrogen fuel cells are going to be the way of the future, not batteries/electricity. Honda is currently testing fuel cell technology in California with real cars, people are driving them in regular conditions, and government should never be involved in picking winners/losers because they have a bad track record at it.

    john g There is also the $1800 for every car sold that goes to pay for Detroit 3’s retiree benefits (pension & health care). The Detroit 3 should be allowed to go bankrupt, redesign their business models and than re-enter the market leaner and meaner.

    “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” Ronald Reagan

  4. In other Neil news … It’s day two of the annual Neil Fest at Times Changed in Winnipeg, with local songwriters and musicians paying homage with renditions of songs running the distance from Mr. Soul to I am a Child, Rocking in the Free World and Unknown Legend.

    So far no sign at the festival of any of the 2000 Conservative Party delegates who have been wandering conspicuously up and down Portage as if it was their first time in a medium-size slow growth city. I notice they have Paul Brandt on their program, so maybe some of them will drop by for the country and blue grass portion of Neil Fest on Saturday . ~ Comes a Time, when you’re drifting, comes a time …

  5. Comes a time when you’re driftin’
    Comes a time when you can’t expand
    From the right, without riftin’
    Rifting till you lose your self-command.

    Oh, these old grassroots got the upper hand
    It’s a wonder they just ain’t in demand
    There comes a time.

    You and I, we were Manning’s
    We left Mulroney and we flew away
    Old hard-right, now unwelcome
    That’s what you get when you disobey

    Oh, these old grassroots got the upper hand
    It’s a wonder they just ain’t in demand
    There comes a time.

  6. Brilliant Jack. ;-)

    How long did it take you to do that?

  7. Thanks, Toby! Not very long, I must admit . . . used my Rhyming Dictionary! : )

  8. Yet another reason why Neil Young is God.

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