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Half an hour to make his case

The 30-minute Liberal ad that airs across the country today


The 30-minute Liberal ad that airs across the country today.


Half an hour to make his case

  1. strange, when Aaron post a video of Ignatieff, he speaks about Ignatieff as 'his'.

    When he posts an audio of Stephen Harper, he calls it 'What IT sounds like.'

    Wow – totally unbiased.

    • At least you haven't let the paranoia get to you.

      • A person doesn't need to be paranoid to know which way Wherry leans politically.

        • PROTIP: Tinfoil hats can protect your brain from the leftwing media empire/illuminati.

          • Why can't people tell the truth about Wherry's obvious Liberal hackery without getting these nonsense spewn about? Why the dishonesty? Why the hidden agenda? Why not just come out and say where you're coming from instead of agitating like this in such a knee-jerk way?

        • Dennis you are being a glass half empty kind of guy. Maybe he was pointing out that Harper has the "IT" factor and here's what ithe "IT" factor sounds like. He could have titled it SH-IT factor

          • Works for me.

          • Great laugh in the morning! Thanks.

    • modster, Aaron used the exact same title when he posted audio from Iggy events in the past.


    • You're right, it's completely unbiased because the titles are based on the content. What It Sounds Like was a focus on all the sounds of a CPC stop. To Make His Case is based on Mr. Ignatieff attemping to.. of all things.. make his case.

  2. Oh oh…your bang on about Ignatieff running a great campaign and Harper running a disjointed and fear based campaign, but you only forgot to mention that Canadians as a whole are stupid ignoramuses who wouldn't know their *EXPLETIVE* from a hole in the ground even if Count Iggy were willing to point it out to them himself! Anyway, if only it wasn't for that, all smart people agree that Ignatieff would win every seat in every riding, perhaps even the presidency in America in 2012 as well, but hey, Americans are even stupider than Canadians.

    • Fred,
      Canadians as a whole are NOT stupid. They just don't get as worked up as the Liberals about the very "bad things" that the Conservatives have done. Which, I might add, are no where near the abuses of the Chretien, Martin and especially Trudeau years. The fact is, any party in power has had the bullying mentality, which is necessary to run this country of ours. So, the Liberals are now getting a taste of their own medicine, and not coping very well. So, go ahead and carry on blaming Canadians for being stupid – the Conservatives will just keep on WINNING because Canadians know that overall, they have done a good job.

      • Fred,
        Your comment – "all smart people agree that Ignatieff would win every seat in every riding, perhaps even the presidency in America in 2012 as well, but hey, Americans are even stupider than Canadians" ….. oooh yes, you Liberals are just soooo SMART, and the rest of the world sooooo STUPID….. yeah, go ahead, and see how many votes the Liberals get, you arrogant know-it-all

        And you wonder why Canadians don't like Ignatieff.

      • He got 37.6 % of the votes which means 62.4 % can't stand him. That's winning?

  3. Well, I'm not a fancy Harvard professor, or political strategist like Donolo, but isn't there is a reason they usually put commercials between shows people actually want to watch?

    • I also have to wonder how much these infomercials will end up costing. All these last-minute resources being used up to save Iggy's precious skin. Does he take the party down with him?

      Can you imagine a post-election scenario in which Harper has a majority and the Liberals have a seat count somewhere in the range of the NDP? I can already see the unite-the-left movements squabbling with each other for another four years.

      • No I can't imagine Harper having a majority. .

    • Not Dr Ho and his muscle therapy massage or the ShamWow man or Dennis Trudeau's medical miracles. Iggy has now joined their powerful ranks.

  4. Half an hour? Iggy has been leader for more than two years, he has had much longer than half hour to make case but he's dismal at it.

    Iggy beeing lustily booed last night was far more eloquent than Libs infomercial. How much do Canadians hate Iggy … we don't boo people … I was shocked by footage …. what a terrific night, wish I was there.

    Happy Easter!

    • Let me know when Harper shows up in an unstaged, unvetted public event during this campaign.

      That will be a terrific night. And I mean "terrific" in the sense of "extraordinary or remarkable".

    • First, he was not "lustily" booed.

      Second, you say "Canadains don't boo people" and then you say you wish you were there.

      See, Conservatives boo people. Conservatives have demonstrated they are rude and disrespectful. I despise Harper and yet I would never boo him, because that is rude and disrespectful. Just one of the things that makes me different from you.

      PS, His name is "Ignatieff". Try to be respectful and use it.

      • Don't bother Gayle. It seems when C(c)onservatives are unable to make a reasonable and intelligent argument, they resort to name calling and loud noises to drown out reasonable and informed people: it helps the "undecided" make up their minds. Sadly, it is often these "undecided" who make a government.

      • Just for the record Gayle, I think there are partisans in each of our political parties who are capable of being rude and inconsiderate. I do not think one can attribute it to only one party. It is often the hallmark of a partisan to bleieve that they are the only ones in the right and only the other side is rude.

        • That is true. While Toronto has had a number of really nasty things happening for the crime of putting a Liberal sign on the lawn, here in Waterloo Region the signs themselves–both Conservative and Liberal–have been damaged. Equal opportunity disrespect.

          I do wish they'd stop. It doesn't help your party any.

        • There are indeed. And perhaps my perspective is skewed because I live in Alberta and am accustomed to being vilified by conservatives for not voting for their guy.

          Still, it is pretty hard to find a con supporter on these blogs who actually uses Ignatieff's name when referring to him.

      • Well Gayle, it makes my heart glad to see that the whole rink were Conservatives. Get that majority Mr. Harper!
        PS, His name is Prime Minister Harper, and he deserves more respect for running our Country well. Ignatieff only shows up part-time to run a party he was annointed to. Who take democracy for granted? Hypocrite Liberals.

        • So you think Laureen and the kids call him "Prime Minister" at home, do you? Is that how he signs the Xmas cards?

        • Sweet. Only it was not the whole arena.


          • It wasn't the whole arena? Wow. If you're pointing out that he was booed by less than 100% of the crowd, then you're really reaching for something, anything. Go Liberals! Not everybody boos you!

          • Hey. That's funny.

            I am pointing out it was not all the people in the arena. It may have even only been a few people in the arena. It was most certainly only conservative partisans who happened to be there who booed.

            And so???

          • I guess those new reports were dead wrong. The reporter in the video said he was "roundly booed". Heck, who knew "roundly" had a completely different meaning than what it says in the dictionary.

            Enjoy your fantasyland.

        • "PS, His name is Prime Minister Harper"

          You sure about that?

      • Normally Canadians don't boo people, but they made an exception for Ignatieff, because he deserves it. Sort of like how the Maple Leafs were booed so often this season.

        You're funny with your holier-than-thou elitist arrogant diatribe. You really do belong in the Liberal party.

        • Except I am not a liberal.

          And the people making an "exception" for Ignatieff are conservatives. They have a little bit of a problem with respect.

          • Well, you sure sound like a liberal. You should try them out.

  5. You mean an ACTUAL INFOMERCIAL, versus what Wherry calls a Conservative campaign rally.

  6. This comment was deleted.

    • The media's job is to hold politicians to account. Its not to suck up to the press secs at the PMO so they get invited to the next junket in Brazil.

    • No one cared when you posted this yesterday . Things are moving quickly try to keep up

    • Good god, are you still copy-pasting your nonsense?

      Here's a hint: if it seems like nobody is taking your little conspiracy theory here seriously, get past your first impulse of "it must be because I haven't posted it enough times" and try looking a little deeper.

      "I don't want to be alarmist, but the news media is planning jihad against Canada because they hate Stephen Harper so much." It would be comedy if you weren't so disturbingly serious about it.

    • You seem to be determined to make your insights go viral all by yourself… post it another 2,760,211 times and you'll have succeeded.

  7. This infomercial is a waste of money. No one but Liberals wll watch the whole thing. I believe that the Liberal strategists would have been wiser to spend their money on 120 30-second spots instead. That's just my two cents.

  8. "No one but Liberals wll watch the whole thing"

    You might be right, but at this point it's important to fire up Liberals.

  9. I wanted to watch Iggy's infomercial, but I think I tuned into the wrong one.

    On an unrelated note… would anyone like to buy a Slap Chop?

    • Obviously you're with the separatist/socialist coalition. Real Canadians are only interested in the George Foreman Grill.

      • Oh, I got one of those too. And a case of Proactiv.

        • Heh.

      • Where do the Shamwow and the Snuggie fit in all this?

        • That's the ethnic and youth vote.

  10. .
    He's OK. Never really wanted to be PM. Just a learning experience, see what it's like across the tracks. Slumming it for a while.

    Probably be a chapter in his memoirs some day. Catchy title: "INSIDE: from Harvard to Politics." or:

    "How the Other Half Lives" Something like that.

    Of course, his little lark has cost the Liberal faithful dearly. They really believed in him.

    Soon he can get rid of his plaid shirt and folksy chats, and return to his beloved think-tank-talk.

    • You mean, like the 'think tank'/lobby group Harper used to run, the NCC? I believe he once tried to pretend the NCC was a small business.

      • Just for his resume.

  11. Hockey fans are sophisticated after all.
    I was at a hockey game last nite and a booing broke out.
    Conspiculously it was booing for one politician but applause for another – hockey fans do have some sophistication.

    @RickRadovski Rick Radovski
    4000 people booed #Ignatief at the #Majors game tonight while #Mississauga Mayor#HazelMcCallion got a huge ovation. She should run Canada
    11 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

    Rick Radovski, Vice President Marketing and Sales at St. Michael s Majors Hockey Team, Mississauga,

      • Interesting how the associated press article mentioned in that blogpost has been taken down…

        • Pato31, the press is owned by right wingers. doesn't surprise me at all that the article has been taken down.

    • Booing is your idea of sophisticated behaviour. Really?

      This is pretty common – and I guess we can all imagine why sports fans who may or may not be politically interested might reflexively boo anyone who puts their face up on the jumbotron to advertise in the middle of the game.

      Honestly, they probably just shouldn't bother.

  12. Does Wherry have every other writer here captive in a well , in his basement ????

    • They've actually been out observing the campaigns, for the most part. Wherry's not allowed outside, though – he might start talking to strangers or playing with matches.

      • There was a time when the macleans blog was rocking during elections. Pretty tame this election.

  13. There's a difference between Imagination and Nightmare.

  14. Airing a public Q&A with Iggy was a good idea that might have worked if it seemed authentic and spontaneous. But this thing comes across as just another slickly-edited soundbite-heavy political ad: nobody but diehard Liberals will watch this thing through.

  15. Very well produced infomercial – one I suspect was squarely aimed at lapsed Liberals. Those 800,000 votes that stayed home last time are key to the Liberals fortunes (and I suspect they're not being accurately reflected in the polling…I don't recall seeing "among likely voters" in the language of poll reporting.)

    • they won't be staying home this time

    • 800,000 Liberals did not stay home. According to the Canadian election survey, 91.3% of folks that voted Liberal in 2006 also voted in the 2008 election. The problem is that only 66% of Martin voters voted Liberal again (16.3% voted Tory, and 12.4% voted NDP), although the Liberals picked up some support from people that voted for the other parties in 2006 (although less than they bled).

      • "The main factor in Conservative success was acutally a big drop in turnout among Liberal supporters. While the Green Party managed to split the Conservative's opposition by capturing a number of defecting Liberals and NDPers, the Conservatives benefited even more from the hundreds of thousands of disenchanted Liberals who simply stayed home on election day. The Conservatives picked up 11 seats in Ontario with an impressive gain in popular vote from 35 to 48%. However, the Conservatives won hardly any more votes in Ontario compared to 2006. Their gain in vote share came about because 500,000 Ontario voters went AWOL between the two elections, most of them Liberal, leaving the Conservative candidates better supported in comparison. The Conservatives were not able to capitalize on the drop in Bloc support across Quebec, because they received 120,000 fewer votes in that province themselves."

        • That analysis isn't supported by the data. You can't conclude that 500,000 Ontario voters stayed home, simply because 500,000 fewer voted for the Liberals. That would be committing the ecological fallacy – ie. making assumptions about individual level behavior from population-level data. Look at the CES data and draw your own conclusions – ( http://sda.chass.utoronto.ca/cgi-bin/sdapub/hsda?… )

          You can see clear examples of switching preferences, even if you look at the level of demographic groups. In 2000 the Liberals won 55% of Catholic voters, in 2008 they won 30%. For that change to be attributable to people staying home you'd have to assume a massive decline in voter turnout among Catholics since 2000. Alternately, if you look at visible minorities, the Liberals went from 70% support in 2000 to under 40% in 2008.

          • I think you're overthinking things. If all the major parties saw a decline in votes, and one party in particular saw a steep drop in votes – then one can safely assume that the great bulk of that party's decline is simply because their supporters didn't vote. Sure there's been some shifting of allegiances, but if the Liberals were bleeding support to the Conservatives or NDP, then you'd see a corresponding rise (roughly) in their vote totals, and you don't.

  16. Yes.

    • So you and singh malik and the tamil tigers' fan club have that in common…

  17. He was talking about its cost. Its worth was zero.

  18. Hey Wherry, I got a couple of breaking stories you might want to cover, because I know you'd normally cover stories about MPs committing fraud and breaking the law.

    -Wayne Easter, Liberal MP, decided to use his MP expense account fraudulently

    -Same goes for two more Liberal MPs, Judy Sgro and John Cannis

    -Joe Volpe, Liberal MP and former cabinet minister, has been caught personally stealing Green Party flyers from out of peoples' mailboxes and tossing them in the garbage

    Strange how it's always Liberals committing crimes.

    • I guess that cancels out your party's big embrace with the financer of the Air India bombing, right?

    • Oh. My. God.

      Some liberals made a mistake and paid the money bak!

      I think you’re on to something.

      • No comment on 'honest Joe' stealing other candidates campaign flyers?

      • When did they pay the money back, and how much was it?

  19. When you consider that Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez is awaiting his drunk driving trial, while Liberal Senator Raymond Lavigne was convicted of fraud in an Ontario court of law just a few weeks ago, it makes you wonder, which Liberal MPs and senators are not committing crimes?

    • When you consider the entire conservative party has been charged with electoral fraud, the things you cite seem pretty minor and petty.

      • No, they've been charged with spending local candidates' money on the federal campaign. The money itself was indisputably theirs, and it's disputable that they did anything wrong.

        Seems a whole lot better than lining their own pockets with taxpayers' money. I'm still waiting for that money to be paid back. The Liberals are the party of corruption.

  20. –Iggy, our Canada "is" respected, thanks to Mr. Harper
    –Iggy, think of the number of times you "embarassed" us on the International scene (3) by overstepping your obundries (did you earn it)??
    –You keep saying you can work with anyone (reference to a coaliton), then why couldn;t you work with Mr. Harper when he was leader…your own words "I don't agree with anything he says or wants"
    –Yes, Mr Harper has been in Politics all his life…."and knows what he is doing". He wasn't appointed to the position he occupies like you were because they couldn't find anyone else to fill it.

  21. –Don't forget to tell the people that the "30 billion dollar debt" that you keep referring to…..was accepted and voted on by ALL PARTIES. Maybe you should have attended work periodically instead of having a 135 day absence.
    –Why are we having an election???? because you will do anything you can to get Mr. Harpers job——Remember last year when you tried to shut down our Country and remove Mr. Harper from his job & you then discovered you couldn't because you didn't have a backup plan to run Canada. But, I guess it took you a year to get that backup plan aye Iggy, and here we go again, shutting down our country.

    • We're having an election because Flaherty and Harper refused to give Quebec $2.2b in HST harmonization payments in the budget, which was the price for support from the BQ. These harmonization payments were so odious to the CPC, so contrary to the positions that they hold dear, that they turned around an promised to make said transfer payment as part of their official platform.

      Make no mistake, we are having an election because Stephen Harper wanted one.

  22. –You are big on educating the Military because you plan to take their jobs and living away from them and you can't have them on welfare; right Iggy??
    —Affordable housing. The last time the Liberals were in power, the interest rate on a mortgage was 18% and higher.
    —I want a Prime Minister "running my country", not attending "Town Hall Meetings"….get it Iggy.
    –We want a "Prime Minister" not a journalist, writer, talk show host, or a History teacher. We want the "Best" not a rendition thereof.
    –In this country "CANADA" we have to "earn" our position in life. We do not get promoted unless we do the work.
    –"Hope you have a pleasant journey back to where you came from" in America, your beloved country..

  23. And with a swoop of unintentional irony, Adrian proves Fred's sarcastic thesis to actually be true…

  24. Typical.

  25. @tourist13- "At the end of the day, the NDP are a socialist party and will push for a socialist agenda. No thanks."

    At the end of the day, the Conservatives are a Fascists party and will push for a totalitarian agenda. No thanks!. LOL!.