Harper on hockey


Postmedia publishes the Prime Minister’s foreword to Paul Henderson’s new book.

I guess the thing on my mind these days continues to be this problem with the equipment and head shots. This Sidney Crosby thing really has me just furious. I saw the hit in the Washington game and I couldn’t believe it—no penalty, no suspension, no complaint from the Penguins.

I find this amazing and as someone who followed the Oilers Cup teams, I couldn’t imagine someone doing that to Gretzky, I just can’t. I’m mystified by it, but I hope the powers that be wake up. I’m concerned that Sidney Crosby is not back. This is the best player in the game today, and if this is as serious as it’s starting to look, then I think the game has to really look at itself. You cannot allow this kind of thing to happen!

Last month, the editors of this magazine suggested Mr. Harper might use his influence to push the NHL toward reform.


Harper on hockey

  1. They should also offer to edit his writing: “…This is the best player in the game today, and if this is as serious as it’s starting to look, then I think the game has to really look at itself… ”

    That is incoherent.

    • Unnecessary response to a totally coherent statement from Holly the Nitpicker

      • I see what you did there, Grammar Boy. Do you? As soon as you’ve figured it out, let me know, and I’ll stop laughing at you.

        • The point, Craigola13, is that people detract from the issue by spending time analyzing the spelling errors, typing errors and gramatical errors of others.  Why bother blogging if that is all you are going to do?  Do you believe it adds anything to the conversation because I do not.  In fact, I believe that it makes the person who points out these errors look petty and arrogant.
          I happen to agree with Mr. Henderson’s assessment that there used to be respect for the truly great players in the game of hockey.  No one wanted to be responsible for ending the career of the likes of Wayne Gretsky.  The NFL has found a way to protect their quarterbacks from receiving hits to the head, I think the NHL can do the same thing.  If it requires someone to step in with a law to force it to happen, I am all for it.

  2. I hope something can be done by him or whoever, it’s truly scary what’s happening to this guys!

  3. From Aaron’s first link (Amazon):

    How Hockey Explains Canada [Hardcover]
    Paul Henderson/Jim Prime (Author)

    9 new from CDN$ 20.00 1 used from CDN$ 51.34

    The new price must be for those in the US. The used price must be for us in Canada. Yeah, that pretty much explains Canada.

  4. He could pass a law against it if he really wanted to do something about it.

    • He does have a mandate after all.

  5. From the master of the politics of personal destruction. He never saw a head shot he didn’t

  6. Well he’s certainly not much of a researcher …and no, most Canadians aren’t interested in hockey…but hey, it’s a vote getter amongst those who are.

    Just like Bush wearing a cowboy hat, and clearing all that ‘brush’.

    • At least W made a show of clearing brush, Clownshoe Harper never even laced em up

      • Good point!

  7. is it just me, or is his written voice very different? so chatty and exclamatory!

    • Agree. I thought it was a satire, a joke.

      • I was wondering if he was taped talking about it rather than actually writing an introduction. That might explain why it is so badly written, and why he talks about himself so much.

        • That’s got to be it, otherwise he is going to need a ghostwriter for his book – if he wants anybody to read it. 

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