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‘Haven’t made that choice’


Despite various commitments to and demands for a full 36-year lifecycle cost estimate for the F-35, the Globe reports that the Harper government is still debating whether to provide one.

Auditor-General Michael Ferguson’s April 3 report noted the full life of the planes was actually 36 years and called on Ottawa to be more forthcoming about costs. The Conservatives in turn pledged to be more open but are still debating whether to provide cost estimates for the full 36-year lifespan of the F-35 Lightning II – or stick to 20 years. Government officials “haven’t made that choice,” a source familiar with deliberations said.

As noted previously, the Auditor General hasn’t just recommended that the government provide a 36-year estimate, he’s said it is his understanding “that National Defence does have the numbers for 36 years.”


‘Haven’t made that choice’

  1. Seriously?

    Taxpayer money was used to create the estimate, but the government is “still debating” whether or not to share said estimate with the taxpayers who paid for it!?!?!?

    This Chretien guy needs to be kicked out of office FAST.


  2. F-35 costs trending lower and lower in the public interest. Need to find a new “scandal”, lol

    Brits are re-writing their F-35 needs as well. Stupid to think you can come up with 36 years of costs on a jet that is still being developed.

    “Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, confirmed that the Coalition is dropping plans to fly conventional take-off F-35 Joint Strike Fighters for the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers and buying jump-jets instead.
    The painful U-turn, reversing a key decision in the Strategic Defence and Security Review, led to accusations of Government incompetence and hypocrisy.”