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‘He had no idea what he was getting into’

Praise for the PBO, but concern for the future


Scott Clark and Peter DeVries praise Kevin Page, but worry about the future of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Mr. Page has set a very high bar for any successor.

We are not at all optimistic about the future of the Parliamentary Budget Office. It is clear from Minister’s Flaherty’s comment that the mandate of the Parliamentary Budget Office will be changed. The Office will likely be fully assumed within the Library of Parliament with restrictions on what studies it can undertake and how these studies are to be made public. Under such a scenario, many of the current staff will move on. The ability of the Parliamentary Budget Office to challenge the Government will be compromised. Reports will not get done and the Parliamentary Budget Office we know will probably quietly disappear.

Parliament and Canadians will be the worst off for it.


‘He had no idea what he was getting into’

  1. any department that can keep the harper goverments feet to the fire will have false teeth from this point on to 2015(which means they(teeth)can be pulled at anytime). the clamp down harper goverment of canada.

  2. Pols are mostly narcissists, Page sealed his fate when he kept appearing on telly trying to upstage Cons. Pols appear on Power/Politics expecting Solomon to be his usual servile self, they don’t expect to be actually questioned on tv.

    If Cons wanted a proper budget office like CBO in America, that’s what they would have created, but instead we have a ramshackle office with few powers to compel.

  3. It has become pretty obvious that either Harper lied abot his original intent when creating the PBO (and Page foolishly assumed the publicly declared intent and the language of the statute – not the PMO – should define how he did his job), or the CPC is now having a change of heart and is trying to pretend that the revised, watered-down version we’ll have post-Page is what was promised to begin with so they won’t look too much like dirty pols trying to cover their tracks.