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‘He knows his MPs are lying’


Thomas Mulcair responds to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.

“This is an ethical decision (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper is going to have to deal with, because he knows his MPs are lying when they say that,” Mulcair said during an appearance on the Global News program The West Block. 

The claim that Mulcair will bring in the “tax on everyone,” as the Conservatives have described a carbon tax, isn’t based on any announcement the leader has made. Mulcair has, however, supported a cap and trade plan, which allots a specific number of “pollution credits” to emitters. Those that exceed the limits can buy extra credits from those who have leftovers.  The idea is one that Harper campaigned on in 2008 and included in that year’s throne speech.  “What I talked about during the leadership, and what he talks about are the very same cap and trade system the Conservatives talked about,” Mulcair told host Tom Clark.

Colin Carrie became the latest Conservative MP to join the farce last week when the NDP leader was in Oshawa (durhamregion.com reprinted Mr. Carrie’s claim without challenging it).

Postmedia explored the Conservative claim on Friday with a relatively full airing of the applicable history.

Here, again, are the reasons why the current Conservative position is farcical.


‘He knows his MPs are lying’

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  2. Someone has to ask just where these local reporters are getting their job training? Although…a small town reporter once told me that it isn’t uncommon for editors to make it clear just how far reporters can go in upsetting either the local business community, powers that be or politicians. In his case it was made clear he wasn’t to give too much favourable coverage to the part of the community i lived in who didn’t want a walmart to open up.

    Just what line is Harper going to take if the pressure to put a price on carbon coming from influential CEOs becomes critical? No matter, the seals are well trained by now. Even the public now shrugs a shoulder at this stuff – just another politician whose lips are moving – big deal, they all do it.

    • First off, Durhamregion.com is no longer a “media outlet”. It’s basically the meged remainders of 3 local papers being run as an ad-generation website, with a smattering of “local” news. They basically run press releases, unedited. I work in the story pitching business, and I don’t even bother with them anymore.
      Secondly, the local business thing is old-hat. i once had an editor bring in local biz owner to edit the copy on a profile we were running as we were laying it out on the lightboards. Never piss off the advertisers.

      • I’m a wide eyed innocent who is just beginning to realize just how bad people can behave when there is some money to be made or lost. You’re way ahead of me – you have my sympathies.

  3. Glad the media is calling Harper on his outright lie and hypocrisy. In order for democracy to function, it needs a strong Fourth Estate to stand up to political propaganda. Over the last few years it doesn’t seem like we’ve been getting that.

    Hopefully Canadians will tire of Harper’s lying and scheming and then we can have an adult debate on important political issues. In the end the country is governed by policy, not sleaze and slander.

  4. The only farce that I see is Mulcair trying to back-peddle and spin his position into something that it’s not. The CPC has always been very clear that they would implement a cap & trade system ONLY if and when the US did. Since it seems to be nowhere on the radar south of the border, the government is rightly not implementing any such plan at this time.

    Mulcair on the other hand would unilaterally go ahead with his cap & trade plan, which wouldn’t be synced with any American policy, thus reducing our competitiveness and YES, increasing the price consumers in Canada pay for everything.

    Mulcair can try to spin it as if only “polluters” will pay, but anybody with half a sense of the way the world works knows that cost will be passed on to consumers. So it may not be a “tax” in the traditional sense of the word, but it’s increasing the cost of goods to consumers and resulting in increased government revenues. Just like a tax.

    • So Harper supports a Carbon tax, but with conditions. That’s your best try?

      • Try? It’s the facts. Harper will only go ahead with the plan if it won’t damage Canada’s economy. Mulcair will go ahead with it regardless of what kind of lasting damage it might cause. Is that your best try?

        • So, he’ll go ahead with a tax if the US does it first, AND it doesn’t damage our economy. You keep adding layers. But you’ve already admitted it’s a tax. Mr. Harper says it wasn’t a tax. You’d best check your email for updated talking points.

          • You might try asking him why Harper hasn’t at least offered Obama moral or other support in trying to implement some kind of price on carbon…but that might make Rick’s head explode.

          • Why would anybody expect Harper to promote a policy that everybody knows would be bad for the country?

            Perhaps a better question is why the Obamessiah hasn’t implemented any measures to “slow the rise of the oceans” and “heal the planet”? Harper’s doing exactly what he said he’d do. It’s your American Savior who’s backpedaling and reneging on promises. If you want a farce, you need to look south.

          • You have the attention span of a gnat don’t you?

          • I’m adding layers? I’m sitting here, at a computer far away from Ottawa, adding layers to government policy?!

            No, I’m trying to explain the evolution (you do believe in evolution, don’t you?) of the policy to you in simple and plain enough language that you and Wherry might actually understand.

            And no, I didn’t “admit” that a cap and trade system is a tax, I’m simply stating the obvious. Why Mulcair can’t do the same is beyond me.

            The fact that it’s a tax is exactly why I’m glad that Harper’s not running into this thing full steam ahead (like Mulcair would). You on the far left think that taxes can just be imposed without any consequences to the country other than more revenue. Harper knows better.

            And how exactly does this square with Mulcairs desire to close down the oil sands to boost Ontario manufacturing? Those manufacturers will have to pay his carbon tax too (I assume. Maybe it’ll only apply to companies west of the Ontario border. Which would make sense what with the NDP’s brilliant asymmetrical federalism policy). Does Mulcair really believe he can tax Canada into prosperity?