Health care cuts


About 840 jobs might be cut at Health Canada, while the National Aboriginal Health Organization’s funding has been eliminated.

“We got a call last Wednesday and they told us that our funding of $4.4 million was cut, that what they were doing was protecting the monies that go to regions, to First Nations and Inuit – direct services was being protected and that funding for indirect services like ours was being cut,” said Simon Brascoupé, NAHO’s chief executive officer.

The not-for-profit organization will close June 30. It has been running for 12 years. NAHO’s mandate was to work to advance the health of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people in Canada. It had separate branches to address the health needs of each group.


Health care cuts

  1. A disgrace, and how humiliating for the Aboriginal health minister to be overseeing this kind of stuff.  She comes across like a 10-year old kid, insecure and walked-on by the real decision-makers. 

    One wonders why they ever struck the TRC since they clearly have no plans to really do anything about Aboriginal health issues.  Just so disheartening.

  2. Also — does anyone else find it disingenuous and frustrating that lately, governments release their budgets and say how many public servants will lose their jobs, but conveniently leave out that all the non profits, etc, that they cut funding from will also be job losses?

    SK is having a problem with that.  They aren’t counting the true job losses — kind of cooking the numbers.

  3. S’alright. At some point they’ll apologize. And we’ll go all soft and dreamy. 

  4. Well, they need money for jets. Flying dicks come before the dying and sick. 

    • Yes, Conservatives are heartless ogres.  Liberals and New Democrats are good people.

      • I swear many of your comments are veritable tautologies, so truthful they hardly need uttering.

        • Yes, but it is important to keep on pointing out these simple truths to the people, lest any of the flock get the mistaken — and subversive — idea that there is any nuance or “balance” or “perspective” whatsoever with respect to these matters.  This is, and always is, a matter of pure black and white, good versus evil.

          Liberals Good, Conservatives Bad!
          Liberals Good, Conservatives Bad!

          • ‘Tis a pointless job you perform, constantly uttering banal truths to the already-convinced…tea to China, coals to Newcastle, etc.

            But I admire your tenacity ;-)

  5. Great to see everybody here criticizing this decision without any idea of what they do, or if they’ve achieved any results.
    “I think it’s the non-aboriginal, the average Canadian that has difficulty understanding the impacts of colonization and historical trauma on the present generation. It’s partly our job and organizations like us that have to educate the average Canadian about the importance of these things,”

    Is this really what we want our health care dollars spent on?

  6. Considering that Aboriginal people still have the poorest (indexed) health of all Canadians, this seems like a bad time to shut down organisations tasked with promoting health among that segment of the population.  Unless the Conservatives are replacing NAHO with a new agency.  They aren’t, are they?

    First came the ‘apology’, immediately after unilaterally declaring the Kelowna Accord null and void.  Then came the reinstitution of the Indian Agent, at Attawattipiskat.  Now comes the defunding of agencies which are tasked with improving health amongst the unhealthiest of reserves.  I’ll give it to Stephen Harper: He knows how to appeal to his Reform base.

    • So how does research help a person needing a nurse or access to diabetes treatment today? If you had to choose between spending your healthcare dollar on seeing a doctor when you are sick or having some bureaucrats using your health care dollars sitting around navel gazing about the state of the world what would you choose.  The majority of First Nation and Inuit people in this country don’t even know NAHO exists!! They do know they don’t have proper health care.

      • I’m not sure where you get your research point from.  From what I understand, NAHO funds things like anti-smoking and anti-substance-abuse campaigns (in First Nations Languages).

        I do think that the Harper government should fund effective health care and education programs for First Nations.  Your second sentence would be valid if Harper was increasing access to doctors and nurses on reserves.  He isn’t.

  7. The great mother’s agents continue to speak with forked tongues.