Healthy cynicism -

Healthy cynicism


Will Wilkinson (via Sullivan).

“The government of the state is profoundly important. And I think American voters picked a competent, decent, and sober executive officer. But this is not, headline writers, Barack Obama’s America. He is not your leader, any more than the mayor of your town is your leader. We are free people. We lead ourselves. He is set to be a high-ranking public administrator. Sure, there is romance in fame. But romance in politics is dangerous, misplaced, and beneath intelligent people. Were we more fully civilized, we would toleratethe yearnings projected on our leaders. Our tribal nature is not so easily escaped, after all. But we would try to escape it. We would discourage and condemn as irresponsible a romantic politics that tells us that if we all come together and want it hard enough, we’ll get it. We would spot the dangerous fallacy in condemning as ‘cynicism’ all serious attempts to critically evaluate the content of political hopes.”

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Healthy cynicism

  1. While I can intellectually assent to many of the points in Wilkinson’s article, I think some “romantic politics” is exactly what America needs right now.

  2. Yes! Exactly.

    This sums up my unease with the orgasmic joy expressed by many with BHO’s election.

  3. “I find myself deeply disturbed by the fact that the office of chief executive of the national public goods administration agency is in fact, according to most people’s sense of things, the highest peak, the top of the heap.”

    Wilkinson talks sense and he’s right to point out how many Obama fans appear to have joined a cult. I am getting ready for Obama fans to do their version of The East Is Red any day now. It makes me proud how disdainfully we treat our PMs, they deserve it.