Here come the Ignatieff Scholars


After his speech tonight, Michael Ignatieff will get a nice surprise:

In recognition of his contributions to public life and his vision for a united Canada built on a promise of equality of opportunity, friends and colleagues of Michael Ignatieff have established this fund to help aspiring young Canadians pursue post-secondary education and support their efforts to build a united, progressive Canada for all.

The Michael Ignatieff Scholarships will be open to all Canadian students enrolled in an undergraduate program at a Canadian university, CEGEP or college. Award recipients will be selected taking into account financial need and academic achievement, as well as evidence of involvement with the Liberal Party of Canada or other contributions to the principles of Liberalism, equality of all persons, national unity, and political engagement.

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Here come the Ignatieff Scholars

  1. This is very nice….kudos to whoever thought of it.

  2. This is interesting:

    “They must not hold or be a candidate for any office (including Member of Parliament) in the Liberal Party of Canada or any successor thereof, or any of its associations or commissions, except that a Trustee may hold an office in an electoral district association.”
    That “or any successor thereof” language suggests Ignatieff and others take the possibility of merger seriously, at least in the medium term.

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